Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

The hit anime series Love Live! Superstar!! is gearing up for its highly anticipated third season, set to premiere in October 2024. This musical anime, which is the fourth installment in the beloved Love Live! franchise, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its heartwarming story and catchy tunes. As we eagerly await the upcoming season, let’s delve into the details surrounding this exciting new chapter.

Created by Sakurako Kimino and Hajime Yatate, Love Live! Superstar!! follows the journey of five high school students who come together to form the idol group Liella! at the newly established Yuigaoka Girls’ High School. With no history or upperclassmen to guide them, these determined young women embark on a quest to achieve their dreams of becoming top school idols.

Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3 Release Date:

Following the triumphant success of the first two seasons in 2021 and 2022, fans can now celebrate the release of Love Live! Superstar! We plan to release Season 3 in October 2024. We have not yet announced the exact premiere date, but the dedicated fanbase is already building anticipation.

Crunchyroll, the popular streaming platform, has licensed the series for international distribution, ensuring that viewers around the globe can immerse themselves in the world of Liella! and their musical adventures.

Love Live! Superstar!! Series Storyline Overview:

Love Live! Superstar!! The action takes place at the newly built Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, located at the intersection of Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama in Tokyo. With no history or upperclassmen to rely on, the school starts from scratch, welcoming its first batch of students.

Amidst this fresh start, five first-year students—Kanon Shibuya, Keke Tang, Chisato Arashi, Sumire Heanna, and Ren Hazuki—discover the concept of “school idols.” Inspired by the idea of achieving their dreams through singing and performing, they come together to form the school idol group Liella!, embarking on a journey filled with challenges, self-discovery, and the pursuit of stardom.

Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3 Expected Storyline:

Love Live! Superstar!! builds upon the success of its previous seasons. We expect Season 3 to continue the captivating narrative of Liella’s rise to prominence in the school idol world. However, the group will face new challenges and obstacles as they strive to solidify their position as top idols.

Fans can look forward to the introduction of two new members, Wien Margarete and Tomari Onitsuka, who will join Liella! as part of the group’s third generation of idols. This expansion of the roster will add fresh dynamics and perspectives to the already diverse group.


The series will also delve into the formation of three sub-units within Liella!, which will facilitate more intricate storytelling and character development. As the members navigate their individual paths and aspirations, they will undoubtedly encounter personal growth and strengthen their bonds as a team.

Love Live! Superstar!! Series list of Cast Members:

  • Sayuri Date as Kanon Shibuya
  • Liyuu as Keke Tang
  • Nako Misaki as Chisato Arashi
  • Naomi Payton as Sumire Heanna
  • Nagisa Aoyama as Ren Hazuki
  • Nozomi Suzuhara as Kinako Sakurakoji
  • Akane Yabushima as Mei Yoneme
  • Wakana Ookuma as Shiki Wakana
  • Aya Emori as Natsumi Onitsuka
  • Yuina as Wien Margarete (new character)
  • Sakura Sakakura as Tomari Onitsuka (new character)

Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3 List of Episodes:

The episode list and titles for Love Live! Superstar!! are still pending. The official announcement of Season 3 is still pending. However, based on previous seasons, fans can expect approximately 12 episodes in the upcoming season.Here are some potential episode titles based on the known storylines of season 2.

  • Episode No. 1: “Welcome to Liella!”
  • Episode No. 2: “Second and First Years”
  • Episode No. 3: “Next in Line to Win”
  • Episode No. 4: “The Two in the Science Room”
  • Episode No. 5: “Money Makes the World Go Round”
  • Episode No. 6: “Dekkaidow!”
  • Episode No. 7: “UR Ren Hazuki”
  • Episode No. 8: “Chance Way”
  • Episode No. 9: “For Victory”
  • Episode No. 10: “A Song That Rings Through Shibuya”
  • Episode No. 11: “Dreams”
  • Episode No. 12: “A Story That Makes My Dreams Come True”

Love Live! Superstar!! Series Creators Team:

A talented team of creators and production staff brings Love Live! Superstar!! to life. Takahiko Kyogoku is the director, bringing his vision and expertise to the series. Jukki Hanada is the series composer, responsible for crafting the engaging storylines and character arcs.

Yuhei Murota lends his artistic talents as the original character designer, while Atsushi Saito takes on the role of character designer, ensuring the characters’ visual appeal and consistency. Reiji Kasuga handles the art direction, shaping the vibrant and captivating world of Love Live! Superstar!!.

The series also boasts exceptional talent in its music department, with Yoshiaki Fujisawa composing the captivating soundtracks that perfectly complement the on-screen action and emotions.

Where to Watch Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3?

Love Live! Superstar!! We expect Season 3 to be available on various streaming platforms and TV networks, both in Japan and internationally. Crunchyroll, which has been the official streaming partner for the previous seasons, is likely to continue offering the series to its global audience.

Fans in Japan can look forward to catching the new episodes on NHK Educational TV, the network that has been airing the Love Live! Superstar!! series since its inception.

Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3 Trailer Release Date:

Fans can expect the Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3 trailer to drop a few months before the premiere, despite the lack of a specific release date. Past trends suggest that the trailer will likely unveil around mid-2024, providing viewers with a tantalizing glimpse of the upcoming season’s storylines, new characters, and musical performances.

The trailer’s release is sure to generate buzz and heighten anticipation among the dedicated fanbase, who eagerly await the return of their beloved idol group.

Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3 Final Words:

As the countdown to Love Live! Superstar!! begins, the anticipation is palpable. As Season 3 begins, fans can hardly contain their excitement. This beloved anime series has captivated audiences with its heartwarming story, relatable characters, and infectious music, making it a standout in the highly competitive world of anime.

With the introduction of new characters and the formation of sub-units, the upcoming season promises to take the narrative to new heights, exploring fresh dynamics and challenges faced by the members of Liella!. Viewers can expect stunning visuals, emotionally resonant storytelling, and unforgettable musical performances as they continue their pursuit of stardom.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the Love Live! franchise, Love Live! Superstar!! is an unmissable event. Season 3 is shaping up to be an unmissable event. Mark your calendars for October 2024, and get ready to immerse yourself once more in the world of school idols as Liella! takes the stage and captures the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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