Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 171 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 171 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

After a pause, Legend of the Northern Blade returns, throwing readers back into the middle of an epic conflict between the Elders and the members of the Mount Sect.

As we left up in Chapter 162, Silent Night was showcasing her incredible might, laying the groundwork for a confrontation that would tilt the scales in favor of victory. Readers are keen to see how this crucial conflict plays out as tensions rise.

The upcoming publication of Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 166 has the fans thrilled.

In the closing seconds of Spear during Black Wings versus Soo Cheon’s combat, something unexpected happened that utterly shocked everyone watching.

The majority of fans responded favorably to Hyeryeong’s assassination at the hands of Spear members of Black Wings since they hated her. The aftermath of this horrible and ugly war will be described in Chapter 166.

A fascinating new chapter in the Korean comic book series Legend of the Northern Blade is about to be released.

The protagonist Jin-Mu Won’s actions in Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 158 are highly anticipated by fans.

The Witch of White Night sect is getting ready to invade the celestial palace, and Jin Muwon is going to exact revenge on Jo Un-Kyun.

Eun is traveling to visit Muwon with the intention of shielding him from what lies ahead. But in Legend of the Northern Blade, Chapter 171, one of the key concerns will be whether she makes it in time or not.

Jin Muwon had made every effort to exact revenge on those who had harmed him. Furthermore, he brought with him his father’s sect as well as his own.

But before Muwon could get inspired to reach the top, he had to watch his father die in front of him.

Currently, just a small number of Jin Muwon and the Heavenly Sect’s adversaries are still fighting.

But in the final chapter, Jin Muwon goes on a rage binge due to a betrayal by one of the associates.

The main character of the action series will be taking up his weapon to take down Jo Un-Kyon, someone who is not to be trusted.

The most recent manga series is utterly fascinating. The most intriguing characters are those that are during the middle of the tale.

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 171 Release Date

On December 6, 2023, Legend the Northern Blade, a well-known manga that has accumulated a sizable fan base over the course of its lengthy run, will issue Chapter 171.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter since the previous one ended with a thrilling moment.

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 171 Trailer

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 171 Plot

A brief portion of Soo Cheon’s journey to destroy the Spear that held the Black Wings was shown in the previous episode.

Even when Soo Cheon stabbed him, the powerful man survived. He simply began to go toward him in an attempt to eliminate him.

Soo Cheon began to feel extremely afraid, and the fear began to make him feel worse.

Even though the fight is about to end, Spear in his Black Wings is undoubtedly thinking about something. Chapter 169 illustrates the upcoming turn.

It must come to an end somehow, therefore he will keep trying to battle the monster with all of his strength and bravery.

With the Divine Light Maneuvers Triple Light Rotation Strike special power, Soo will undoubtedly be able to take out the Black Wings man.

Weary from fighting, Soo Cheon immediately sits down on the battlefield. From these points on, the story will undoubtedly progress, and we’ll discover what becomes of the war’s wreckage.

Many of the story’s parts will reveal to us what will happen after the conflict and whether or not the Spear of the Black Wings will be launching another attack.

Chapter 169 illustrates the upcoming turn. Yes, she and her old master will face off in a fierce battle, but that is a story for another day.

But as time went on, the cult’s martial artists started hatching plans to assail their leaders, which raised tensions inside the organization.

In the end, this led to the group’s disintegration and the passing of Jin Kwan-Ho, the leader.

Everyone left the cult following this catastrophe, with the exception of Jin Mu-Won, the lone surviving son of Jin Kwan-Ho.

Now that he has a life of his own and bearing the burden of the legacy his family has left behind, Jin Mu-Won needs to figure out how to restore the cult while also seeking retribution for the death of his father.

The upcoming chapter looks to explore the hardships Jin Mu-Won faces in his quest for justice and the revival of the “Northern Heavenly Sect.”

In Chapter 171 of Legend of the Northern Blade, Eun is shown sprinting towards Jin Muwon’s location. The series’ protagonist, who is now female, is concerned for the man who she has grown close to.

Eun is aware of the types of struggles Jin Muwon faced and the emotional damage they caused.

The MC bears the shame of those who lost their lives while advancing, although maintaining a brave exterior.

But he understands that if he doesn’t do what he wants to do, nothing will ever change or anyone. He also loses his patience with Jo Un-Kyun because of this, even though Jo Un-Kyun is just doing it for fun.

The fierce conflict between the Elders and the troops of Silent Night is described in Chapter 162 of The Legend of the Northern Blade. Hyun’s hand was severed by Silent Night’s unrelenting attack, demonstrating her incredible strength.

Three years of degradation on her troops are reflected in the increasing pressure on Silent Night, giving her enemies hope for success.

Raising the stakes in the fight means that defeating the Black Wings’ spear is essential to ensuring a total victory.

In another scene, the Heavenly Martial Emperor assumes command and orders his soldiers to focus on winning at the expense of as few losses as possible. His catchphrase highlights how important it is for them to go back to their beloved relatives.

Oh no Seeing that Silent Night is losing power, Soo Cheon chooses to entrust the Demon Extermination Squad to her, allowing him to take on the powerful Spear of the Black Wings.

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