Learn the basics of programming with this free two-hour beginner’s course

If you want learn to program There are countless websites to do it and also free. Now, what is usually difficult is not getting where but deciding when and which course you need to start.

To do this, the folks at freeCodeCamp, who have an extensive curriculum to learn from scratch, create extremely basic and novice-proof mini courses and tutorials. That is the case with this hours video (in English with subtitles) covering an introduction to programming.

Complete course on the foundations of programming and computer science

This video can serve as a great starting point for learning the basics of development and computer science. In himself you will learn what concepts that apply to all programming languages.

It is a way to create a foundation for yourself on which you can begin to develop your programming skills in the future. In addition, you have the advantage that it is on YouTube and you can see it from the device you want, whenever you want, and without having to register on any additional platform.

20 Python courses and tutorials to learn to program in the language most loved by developers

The course is aimed at people who are interested in learning programming but have little or no experience writing code or even in the world of computing.

The video covers from the explanation of what what is programming, how is code written, what a computer can do, what variables are, how they are manipulated, and even how to correct bugs and how to choose the right language for you.

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