Kylie Jenner appears with short hair on Instagram and you're going to freak out before and after

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He freaks out with the before and after Kylie Jenner after showing off short hair on Instagram-

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  • Kylie Jenner has left us all hallucinated with her impressive change of 'look' on Instagram. This is his before and after.
  • What does Kylie Jenner spend her fortune on?

    The Kardashian are the queens of transformation. Every day they surprise us with a colorful make-up, impossible nails and various hair follies, almost always related to their love for colored wigs. Under those mpink, purple, blue, white artificial or pink with extensions, They have normal hair with their frizz and natural waves like the rest of mortals. In his day we show you how is the real 'pelazo' of Kylie Jenner and now you're going to freak out when you see her on her latest Instagram image with short hair and before and after It has left us paralyzed because it is so different.

    For the first time, that we have proof, Kylie Jenner He has let himself be scissors without contemplation and has shown the result in his 'stories'. The businesswoman appears with a hair at the chin that has nothing to do with the long straight hair with which we usually see her. We do not know the reason why you have decided to make this change of 'look', what is clear is that you can not live without spending the day pampering your 'body'. Just enough to see all the millionaire whims that are allowed and that we collect in this video …

    Kylie Jenner appears with short hair like we have never seen before

    If you haven't seen yet Kylie Jenner with her new short hair, do not despair because we have hunted the image on his Instagram and you will hallucinate. Tachán!

    This is how Kylie Jenner appears with short hair on Instagram.


    Kylie Jenner appears with short hair and has amazed us.


    What will be the next 'beauty' idea of ​​Kylie Jenner? We will be attentive.

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