Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Season 2 Release Date: Did The Show Get Renewed Or Not?

Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name by Nene Yukimori, ‘Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible’ is an anime romantic comedy. Junta Shiraishi, the protagonist of the show, is a normal high school student whose invisibility to his peers makes it difficult for him to do anything he wants to do during his free time.

This makes it challenging for him to participate in group activities or make new acquaintances, both of which are crucial in adolescence. Despite Shiraishi’s usual evasiveness, Nagisa Kubo is one of a kind and has little trouble tracking him down. When Junta is having a hard time adjusting to high school, Kubo is there to boost his spirits.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Season 2

Critics have had conflicting reactions to the story of the two youngsters as they gradually build an emotional bond and support one another out through the ups and downs. The leisurely pace of the plot has been praised by some viewers and panned by others for being unoriginal.

Nonetheless, despite these obstacles, the anime has recently developed a dedicated but still rather modest fanbase. Fans want to know how soon they may expect to see their favorite characters again when the first season ends. If you’re looking for information on the same, you’ve found the proper site. All bases are covered here.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Season 2 Renewal Status

Fans, though, continue to hold out hope that the program will be resurrected for a new season. Social media sites and fan forums alike have been rife with speculation regarding a potential second season. Many viewers have expressed a desire for a second season that would focus on the key characters and their relationships.

However, only time will tell if there will be a third chapter of Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible. However, there is currently insufficient information to draw any firm conclusions, therefore we must await more developments.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Season 2 Release Date

Production business Pine Jam has a lot on their plate right now, with the premiere of “Paradox Live the Animation” scheduled for October 2023. Given this, it’s plausible that “Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Season 2” development news will be made public around the middle of 2024, with a likely release date in the early years of 2025. But this is just conjecture until an official announcement is made by the studio, which fans are eagerly awaiting.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Cast and characters

  • Junta Shiraishi Voiced by: Kengo Kawanishi
    For no discernable reason, most people are unable to notice that Shiraishi is present unless he does something to stand out. He has accepted this condition and is self-conscious about making a scene.
  • Nagisa Kubo Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
    Junta’s classmate and the only one who gives him attention. She is fond of teasing him.
  • Akina Kubo Voiced by: Miku Itō
    Nagisa’s older sister who works at a bookstore. She can also see Junta.
  • Saki Kubo Voiced by: Sora Amamiya
    Nagisa and Akina’s younger cousin. Like the others in the family, she has no problem noticing Junta. She looks up to and emulates Nagisa and is slightly jealous of the attention that she gives Junta.
  • Hazuki Kudō Voiced by: Ai Kakuma
  • Tamao Taira Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu
  • Yoshie Shiraishi Voiced by: Mamiko Noto
  • Seita Shiraishi Voiced by: Mariya Ise
    Junta’s preschool-aged little brother. He adores his kind big brother.
  • Unzen-sensei Voiced by: Naoki Tatsuta

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Season 2 Plot

Season 1 of “Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible” ended on a high note, but viewers were left wanting more of the attractive and endearing couple. The couple’s prospective first steps toward a relationship were hinted at in the season finale. Fans of this anime can’t wait for season two because of the charming and hilarious interactions they see on screen.

With “Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Season 2,” fans can look forward to seeing even more of the charming chemistry between Kubo-san and Shiraishi-kun. As the plot develops, the protagonists and antagonist will spend more time together, learning new things regarding each other and discovering the interesting dynamics of their interaction.

Kubo-san will keep pushing Shiraishi-kun to stand out, and Shiraishi-kun will learn to appreciate his efforts more and more. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the next installment of their journey as the undeniable romantic tension between them grows.

For the time being, that is all we know about the return of “Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Season 2.” We’ll keep you posted as we excitedly await the formal announcement and enthusiastically track Kubo-san and Shiraishi-kun’s progress.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Season 1 Rating

Both IMDb and MyAnimeList users gave the first season of Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible high marks, giving it 7.7 and 7.67 stars respectively. The show’s original premise and well-rounded plotting have been hailed by reviewers.

Is Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible worth watching?

You should absolutely check out Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible. This show has a fresh plot, stunning visuals, and riveting conversation that will have you watching till the very end. The thrill of an anime series will keep you hooked to the screen. This anime series will impress even the pickiest of viewers with its spectacular final episode, which features strong action sequences and a cunning story twist.

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