Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth

Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth:

Kobe Bryant was a former American professional basketball player who had a Net Worth of $600 million at the time of his death. For 20 long years, Kobe Bryant did play successfully amazing in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers. Most people consider Kobe Bryant as one of the best NBA players of all time.

It was remarkable and inspiring to watch the journey of the best Basketball player who did win multiple awards and trophies. He was also one of the richest athletes of all time. Kobe Bryant has a large number of fans and followers who are so supporting and caring.

Well, it was surely a tremendous shock to each and every one of the fans, friends, family members, and admirers. Kobe Bryant did meet the arms of death due to the helicopter crash in which he was going on his way to his daughter’s Basketball game. The daughter of Kobe Bryant and others were not able to survive the crash.

Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth

Kobe Bryant passed away on 26 January 2020. He was an 18 times NBA All-Star, a 5 times NBA Champion, and 2 times NBA Finals Champion. Even though he has such huge popularity and fandom, Kobe Bryant did not have any kind of arrogant or ego howling in his personality. He was a very kind and simple NBA player who wants to be the best player in the world.

At the time of Kobe Bryant’s death, his Net Worth was estimated to be $500 Million. The hard work and effort that Kobe Bryant did put into making his career success are surely paying off with such a huge amount of net worth.

Early Life

Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia on the 23rd of August in 1978. He happens to have grown up with two siblings. Both of his siblings are surely older than him which means that Kobe Bryant does have someone to always back him up. Kobe Bryant was also having a great relationship with his older siblings.

It was amazing to know that Kobe Bryant’s father was also an NBA player. Kobe Bryant was always taking inspiration and admire his father whenever he was struggling while playing basketball. In fact, Kobe Bryant did begin playing basketball when he was only 3 years old.

Everyone has their own favorite teams when you are growing up and most people know about Kobe Bryant’s favorite team. Yes, you must have your own guess but the favorite team of Kobe Bryant was and always will be The Lakers. It is joyful for Kobe Bryant to watch the videos of the NBA that his grandfather will send him. While he will study those videos religiously in order to learn from them as much as he can.

Only after when his father gets a retirement from playing basketball, Kobe Bryant and his family move to the US. Later on, Kobe Bryant did play for the varsity basketball team of Lower Merion High School in his freshman year. He also did receive so much appreciation and appraisal all across the country for an amazing and exciting season.

Kobe Bryant did end his high school career as a leading scorer of Southeastern Penssylvania with 2,833 points. Also, he did receive several rewards for his brilliant performance. The popularity and respect for Kobe Bryant were increasing more and more as the word gets out. Naismith High School Player of the Year was the title that he did earn by winning.


It was sure that Kobe Bryant has had an amazing and successful career with a tremendous amount of popularity and fame. One can have a look at the care and love that most fans were providing the NBA player with looking through his social media posts. There are so many followers and fans who did share their grief when he did pass away due to the helicopter crash.

When we are talking about the career of the best NBA player Kobe Bryant then it begins around 1996. Kobe Bryant was the selection of Charlotte Hornets for his draft pick. So there was a trade taking place between them in which Kobe Bryant has to sign up with LA Lakers. But as his age was only 17 years at that time, his parents had to cosign it.

Well, it was immensely hard work and efforts that Kobe Bryant did put into playing basketball that makes him the best player. Almost all the fans were happy to know that Kobe Bryant retires as one of the best NBA players. He retires with an achievement of 18 times All-Star, 15 times member of the All-NBA team, and 12 times member of All-Defensive team.

During the NBA season, he was the leading scoring player for two seasons. While he was the 3rd best all-time season scoring player and 4th best on all-time postseason scoring list. Kobe Bryant also has a record for playing the highest number of seasons with one team for an entire career.

Although Kobe Bryant is no more with us, his legacy lives on in the hearts of people who love him. At the time of Kobe Bryant’s death, his Net Worth was $600 Million.

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