Kingdom Chapter 780 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Kingdom Chapter 780 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Before, we see Shin lunging at Akou to provide assistance as Riboku flees the fighting.

While others are concerned, Ten believes that Ouhon will offer assistance and has faith in Kyoukai.

This is the reason that fans are really eager to see what happens in the forthcoming Kingdom Chapter 780.

On the battlefield, Shin confronts Riboku with raw emotions from previous confrontations and a burning desire to win.

Shin leads their two armies in an epic battle, pursuing glory and vengeance in an attempt to advance his aspirational objectives. The outcome is still up in the air as the struggle rages on.

The previous chapter, “Confronting the Adversary,” was made available. Shin learns that his soldiers are winning battles all across the battlefield. Ten rushes in with an urgent update, and he orders them forward.

After failing in his attempt to sneak up on Akou, Riboku quickly retreats in the vicinity. To force Riboku into the ground so he can flee, General Akou asks for their assistance.

Although Ten and Shin don’t think they can win, capturing Riboku could guarantee Qin’s triumph. Despite reservations, this opportunity is too good to ignore. Shin decides to face their enemy head-on.

Kingdom, a well-known Japanese manga featuring 760 episodes and a burgeoning fandom, was written by Yasuhisa Hara. It’s been going really well with over 760 episodes, and the audience base is expanding every day.

The audience has responded favorably to the story, and we have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. Since its launch in 2006, the manga is published on Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump.

There are currently about 69 volumes in the manga, and each chapter advances the plot.

By placing the novel in a bygone era, the author takes the reader to ancient China.

Readers are kept captivated by Kingdom’s fierce conflicts, cunning political ploys, and political intrigue. As we left up in Chapter 770, a sizable coalition army was about to mobilize in response to Riboku’s strength.

An historic battle is about to unfold when General Ousen, Youtanwa, & the Northern Eastern Army come together.

It is hoped that Chapter 771 will reveal the complex maneuvers and exchanges of blows that will define this crucial fight.

Kingdom Chapter 780 Release Date

At last, the much anticipated Kingdom Chapter 780 showed its December 9, 2023 release date.

Thanks to its deep examination of politics and power, compelling storyline, and multifaceted cast of characters, readers of all ages have come to enjoy Kingdom, which has grown into a cultural phenomenon.

Kingdom Chapter 780 Trailer

Kingdom Chapter 780 Plot

The Qin army is shown celebrating at the start of the chapter, having defeated the Zhao army, the subject of the previous chapter.

He is convinced that they had to put a stop to the conflict as soon as possible, preferably before any more states get involved.

Shin receives a promotion from the rank of colonel as a result of Ousen’s acknowledgement of his numerous accomplishments.

Shin is ecstatic beyond measure and wishes to express to Ousen his gratitude for the acknowledgement.

In addition, he divulges a highly classified plan to destroy Kantan, that he will later discuss with his generals. He says he will talk to his generals about the strategy.

Meanwhile, Riboku is tortured and imprisoned in Kantan by Toujou, the king of the Zhao. In Kantan, Toujou is holding Riboku captive.

Furthermore, he makes it very evident to Toujou that Ousen is going to pursue him so there is no Toujou can do to avoid this.

Toujou accuses Riboku of treason because he thinks Riboku is to blame in the disintegration of the Hango region.

Riboku has made it clear that he and anyone who follow them will be put to death very soon.

In addition to displaying his defiance, Riboku maintains his composure and tells Toujou that he is the individual who has truly wronged Zhao.

Zhao claims that Toujou’s corruption and despotism have made the country weaker and more open to an attack by Qin.

Toujou laughs and replies that he doesn’t need to worry about Ousen or Qin in response to that question.

He claims to have an odd object that will guarantee Zhao’s survival and make him extremely well-known.

He then commands his guards to bring him a strange prisoner, whose identity subsequently comes to light: Houken, the Bushin.

The fact that Shin selected an ordinary soldier won the hearts and interest of all 769 readers who were eager to learn more regarding the recruiters in the previous chapter.

The news that the army fled after Duke Hyou’s death and would also join Shin’s army stunned and confused the readers as well as Mandou, the enlisted soldier in Shin’s army.

The news was both positive and unexpected. While Madou was telling Shin how much he loved and appreciated him and how eager he was to become part of his army, Ga Ro’s envy of Shin prevented him from joining Shin’s army.

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