Kagura Bachi Chapter 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Kagura Bachi Chapter 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Chapter 3 of Kagura Bachi will feature Chihiro’s pursuit of the sorcerer sighted wielding a demon sword.

Since Chihiro’s father was murdered by sorcerers to the demon sword, Chihiro has resolved to exact retribution on them and retrieve his father’s swords.

The sword that Chihiro wields is the seventh one that his father forged following the conflict and risked his life to safeguard.

Since that day, Chihiro lacks accurate data regarding Hishaku and demon katana. In the following chapter, Chihiro will meet the individual who discovered the demon weapon.

And if you are pondering when the next chapter of the shonen manga Kagurabachi will be released, you need not fret, as we will discuss the release date of Kagurabachi Chapter 3 in spoilers while you can read it in this article.

In the previous chapter of Kagurabachi, a reminiscence transported readers through Chihiro Rokuhira’s traumatic past.

It was discovered that his father, Kunishige Rokuhira, had been murdered by three Hishaku group sorcerers.

These intruders broke through their residence in order to take six magical katanas that Kunishige possessed crafted.

As a result, the protagonist is now determined to pursue vengeance against his father’s murderers and retrieve the stolen weapons.

But what’s even more surprising is that, despite having only released its first chapter, the series has already surpassed a large number of renowned manga series and reached the fifteenth position according to the Manga Plus website.

With the publication of chapter two, which has been set for later this week, admirers now anticipate that the novel will crack the top ten.

In Chapter 2 of Kagurabachi, Chihiro’s tragic past and reasons for having been the primary protagonist are revealed.

Although it may appear to be just another manga character with “daddy issues,” there is much more to it, as will be explained in the following section.

The chapter concludes with Chihiro and Shiba’s arrival in Tokyo with information regarding the sighting of a magical blade.

The resumption of the search for Hishaku may prompt you to seek for Chapter 3 spoilers so you don’t have to wait to find out what happens next. Here is everything you need to know about Chapter 3 of Kagura Bachi.

Kagura Bachi Chapter 3 Release Date

Kagura Bachi Chapter 3 will shortly be released, putting an end to the anxious anticipation for the next chapter of Kagurabachi. That’s correct! Chapter 3 of Kagura Bachi will be released this week on October 3, 2023.

Then why are you still waiting? Mark your calendars and set your alarms, because this upcoming chapter of Kagurabachi will undoubtedly introduce new drama and excitement to the story!

Kagura Bachi Chapter 3 Trailer

Kagura Bachi Chapter 3 Plot

Through a memory, Rokuhira’s tragic past is revealed. Three sorcerers from the Hishaku group murdered his father, Kunishige Rokuhira, after bursting into their residence and stealing six of the enchanted katanas he had crafted.

Due to this, the main character now desires to retrieve the stolen weapons and exact revenge on those who murdered his father.

The chapter then transitions to a three-year-old memory depicting the protagonist’s tragic past.

Three sorcerers assaulted the Rokuhira Forgery and Residence in order to steal the six mystical blades created by Kunishige Rukuhia.

Since Shiba discovered information about one of the stolen Katanas in the previous chapter, Kagurabachi chapter 3 may contain additional details about the swords’ abilities and the Hishaku group that stole them.

In a previous article, I speculated on what may have occurred in Chihiro’s past, and to my surprise, it turned out to be true.

Well, it is a shonen, so it was fairly predictable. In the following chapter, Chihiro and Shiba will encounter the individual discovered to possess one of the demon weapons.

There is a possibility that he is a member of the sorcery organization given that he possesses one demon weapon. Alternatively, he may have obtained the katana from a sorcery organization.

Well, we can’t say for certain, but one thing is certain: we will see Chihiro in action wielding his seventh demon sword, which is fashioned in honor of his father’s fondness for gold.

In Chapter 2 of Kagura Bachi, it is revealed that three years ago, Chihiro’s existence was turned upside down when sorcerers attacked his home and seized his father’s enchanted swords.

Chihiro’s survival and the loss of his father expose the tragedy that has shaped his existence. This event becomes the motivating force behind Chihiro’s determination to find Hishaku.

The chapter examines Kunishige’s philosophy regarding the creation of enchanted weapons with a meaningful function.

Emphasizing the significance of his legacy and principles, he believed in designing with the requirements and perspectives of the world in mind.

The philosophy of Kunishige has a significant influence on Chihiro’s actions and motivations.

Kagurabachi, written and illustrated by Takeru Hokazono, is one of the most popular additions to Shonen Jump’s roster.

It is a brand-new addition, and admirers are extremely enthusiastic about its potential. As new chapters begin to come out, it is rumored that it will soon rank among the top three. It follows Chihiro’s voyage as the protagonist.

Chihiro spends his days training with his father, a renowned swordsman. He aspires to become a master swordsman one day.

The lighthearted father and the solemn son believed these days would last forever, but Chihiro’s life is abruptly upended by a terrible calamity.

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