Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Still Meeting Oftenly? Know All About It Here!!

Justin Bieber, as you all know, is a Canadian Singer-Songwriter, who was famous since his childhood was dating Selena Gomez. Selena is an American Singer, now 27 years old, did earn her own fame as a young girl. Both the amazing singer dated each other for around 7-8 years. But their relationship has surely seen several ups and downs until finally, the couple break up in March 2018. Fans have been questioning if they both are still meeting one another. Let us find out!!

Justin and Selena’s Relationship:

As fans know, Justin and Selena did call their relationship off around March 2018. But it is exciting to know that Justing got married later that year to Hailey Baldwin or you can call her Hailey Rhode Bieber. Hailey is an American model and television personality with whom the Canadian singer fall in love with. But if we look at Justin and Selena’s relationship then there were many on and off that always have made their way to main headlines.

The duo’s relationship was the perfect example of how a couple should treat one another. They were both there for each other whenever the partner was suffering from any and everything. Their relationship was always the center of attraction in gossips of fans and followers.

The ex-couple make their relationship official in February 2011 and after having beautiful two years of dating one another, they break up in November 2012. Justin did post a photo of them both as a hint that they broke up with one another. Later in January 2013, Justin did delete the post which was a sign that both of them were back in to continue their relationship. The rumors were Justin to date Hailey in 2014 while later in 2015, Selena did confirm that she was dating DJ Zedd.

After the final break-up with Selena, Justin wants to be loyal to his wife Hailey. So he maintains a safe distance with Selena, his ex-girlfriend. Now, Both celebrities, Justin and Selena are focusing on their health and to become a better person. Currently, The rumors are Hailey and Justin breaking off in order to get some space alone from each other. Fans hope that everything will be back to normal as soon as possible.

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