Jason Derulo Is Dating This IG Influencer!!

Jason Derulo is an American singer and songwriter who did manage to have a successful career. He achieves many of his career goals in different fields. Apart from his Music career, people also keep tabs on his personal life and love life. There are some new updates to the singer’s love life that you will surely do not want to miss about Jason Derulo. Read the article further to know more about the details of his current girlfriend.

In his long career of 11 years, Jason Derulo was successful to sold 30 million singles that people love to listen to. He did begin singing at an early age and he did realize that he will move on with his singing career to earn for a living. Also, you may surely have seen Jason in several music videos and musical tours. Some of his best creations include Wiggie, Talk Dirty, In My Head, and Whatcha Say.

The last update that you may have read about Jason’s love life was surely about his previous girlfriend Daphne Joy. Daphne Joy is a well-known lingerie model that Jason Derulo used to date back in 2016.

Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes

Well, Jason Derulo happens to be with Jena Frumes who works as an influencer. Jena’s previous relationship with Jesse Lingard did end up in 2018 as she is now with the 30-year-old singer Jason Derulo. Currently, Jason is spending quarantine days with the beautiful and gorgeous influencer Jena Frumes.

It is sure that the couple is having a great amid the lockdown looking at their IG posts. But there is still no confirmation about Jason and Jena’s relationship. Well, they may want to keep their relationship private yet their pics and videos give several hints about it. Yes, Jason and Jena have been posting hot pictures together along with doing several trending challenges and posting videos of it on Instagram.

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