Jane the Virgin Season 5 Final

Jane the Virgin Season 5 Final

Jane the Virgin Season 5 is back with the last episode of this comedy-drama. It is already streaming on this popular network, and you will have to catch up.

Jane the Virgin season 5
Jane the Virgin season 5

The big question on everyone’s mind is if Jane will end up with Michael or Rafael

You can find out all of this in the fifth season. The final series started on 1st August 2019 but will there be a sixth season? Sadly, no this is the last season according to producers and creator Jennie Snyder Urman.

Jane the Virgin Season 5:

You can expect 100 episodes and will need to wait to see how it ends.

Will there be a Spin-Off of Jane the Virgin?

Affirmed by Jennie, the show started as an anthology series with different storylines taking place each season. However, CW decided not to go ahead with the series.

Cast Members of Jane the Virgin Season 5

Some of the cast members are Gina Rodriquez playing the lead role is now a struggling novelist and mother finding herself caught between two men Rafael (aka Justin Baldoni) and Michael (aka Brett Dier.)

Jane’s mother is Andrea Navedo and her grandmother played by Ivonne Coll. Furthermore, Jaime Camil features as Rogelio De La Vega while Petra Solano plays the role of Yael Grobglas.

So catch up with the Jane the Virgin season 5 currently showing. However, if you have not watched it before catching up with all the seasons available to get up to date, you will love it.

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