Is ‘The Society’ Season 2 ever set to release?

Is ‘The Society’ Season 2 ever set to release?

The Netflix Series, The Society, was first aired on 1st May 2019, having a gripping Sci-Fi story and a mysterious ending, which left the viewers believing that a season 2 might come up, which until now has no official news.

What was The Society all about?

The series showed how Connecticut high school students had to cut short their field trip and return home early to find that all the town adults were gone. 

Every path to leave the city was blocked, neither was there any way to contact the outer world, and hence, the only people to “survive” in that town were teenagers.

The Society beautifully revolved around how teens were supposed to make the laws, run the city, and the crippling but unspoken problems of sexual assault, sexual orientation, and other things every single teen faces in their lives.

What was the cast of the first season of the series Society?

Christopher Keyser incredibly directed the Society. Actors like Alex Fitzalan, Kristine Froseth, Jack Mulhern, Toby Wallace, Sean Berdy, Gideon Adlon, and many more.

The series has gotten 7/ 10 from IMDb and a whopping 86% from Rotten Tomatoes, but Netflix has left the audience cliff-hanging.

Why was The Society Season 2 not aired?

After the last episode of The Society was released on 10th May 2019, Netflix announced to air the 2nd season in July 2019 but had shut it off due to the Covid Pandemic.

Again, it was supposed to be aired in August 2020 but was canceled due to the pandemic’s complications.

Although, the Hollywood Reporter had informed that the show was canceled due to the high budget. 

Will the second season be out any time soon?

Netflix hasn’t given any further notice about The Society’s Season 2, and the chances are 50-50.

The first season ended with the teens realizing they might be in a parallel universe altogether, and fan theories are bleak to believe. 

The Season 2 of The Society has no formal news, but till then, we can always hold on to Becca Gelba’s attitude and hope that their world will be fine again.

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