Is Eustass Kid the true rival of Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece? Word to the last episode

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Most of the more classic Shonen have one thing in common: rivalries. It is very easy to find in the children's series two characters, who can be main or secondary, consider themselves rivals to such an extent as to push them to improve to outdo each other. This is something inherent in the Japanese system.

Just like the ancient Romans, rivalry is not something to be demonized in the land of the Rising Sun, but on the contrary helps people improve. Just think of the Japanese school system in which classifications are drawn up among the students to encourage them to do better and better. So this is a very present element in the Shonen. And about one piece?

If we think about it, for most of the story, the protagonist, Luffy, never has a rival worthy of the name like a Sasuke can be for Naruto or a Bakugo can be for Deku. This until he meets with a pirate of the New Generation like him: the captain Eustass Kid. A very strong rivalry arises between them and we can realize it very well from the last episode of the One Piece anime aired.

If you've seen it, then you know how Luffy, beaten by Kaido are imprisoned in the maximum security prison of Udon. Just in a place like this, our protagonist meets him, his rival Kid. And not only is he there, a prisoner too, but he also occupies the cell next to his. Immediately between the two there is a real competition for survival. In Udon the prisoners not only have the powers of the muted fruits, but are forced to work tirelessly by carrying very heavy boulders, all being able to consume only one ration of food for every 5 boulders brought.

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It is precisely here that the center of their rivalry is positioned. In fact, Luffy is seen to be robbed by Kid every time he reaches the coveted food and vice versa. And although at first it may be thought that the presence of a pirate like Kid is only an extra burden for the protagonist, in reality this rivalry will help both of you hold on in a hostile place like Udon prison.

And what do you think of the relationship between Kid and Luffy? Let us know below in the comments.

Nico Robin shows his esteem for his captain in this beautiful statuette.

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