Is Borderlands 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch? New rumors about the port

Is Borderlands 3 coming to Nintendo Switch? At the moment there is no confirmation but through a series of clues some insiders have actually hypothesized the next debut of the Gearbox shooter on the console of the Kyoto house.

Il team Fractured Byte is looking for a C ++ developer familiar with Nintendo Switch projects, the candidate will be working on a game based on Unreal Engine. In the details it is reported that the title in question will be a shooter and in the text it speaks openly of Borderlands e Borderlands 2 per Switch, cited as titles to convey the scope of the project. The description closes with a link to Digital Foundry’s technical analysis for Switch.

According to many, iThe game in question would be Borderlands 3, among the many figures that confirm this theory we also find the YouTuber Doctre81, who first unveiled the existence of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt for Nintendo Switch. The Fratured Byte studio mainly deals with ports and among other things has collaborated with 2K Games and Turn Me Up on the development of the Borderlands Legendary Collection for Nintendo Switch.

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Could Borderlands 3 be the next porting curated by the studio? It’s early to say, but who knows if 2K isn’t looking with interest at the much-rumored Nintendo Switch 4K to bring the third episode of Borderlands to this platform.


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