Iron Man is about to return with a new series: the first trailer is available

This September, the creative team composed by the writer Christopher Cantwell and the artist Cafu, will arrive on the market with a new series on Iron Man. Specifically, Marvel readers can expect a renewal of Tony Stark's historic armor, which will undergo a renewal by the legendary artist Alex Ross.

Marvel Comics provided a first look at the next Iron Man course by publishing an unpublished trailer, visible at the bottom of the article. Cantwell spoke about his new creative challenge, placing a heated emphasis on the character structure that will define his character:

"I'm in seventh heaven for the chance to write the Golden Avenger. Ever since Bob Layton's art captured my imagination as a child in the 80s, I've always been fascinated by Iron Man, and in this new story I am aiming to explore the question: who should be Iron Man today? An angel? a God? Or just a humble man?

"Tony will try to eliminate the idea of ​​Iron Man down to its core, something that will be constantly at odds with his disproportionate ego. We'll see if he can really manage to control his arrogant self-image, even if others with divine complexes direct their aims to the whole universe ".

Iron Man's Mark 1 has an upgrade to the new Iron Man 2020 series. Iron Man 2020 began with a bang, surprising readers with an unexpected twist.

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