‘Indiana Jones 5’: Phoebe Waller-Bridge joins Harrison Ford to lead the cast and John Williams will return to compose the soundtrack

Finally there novelties about ‘Indiana Jones 5’. The official account of the franchise at Twitter has announced that Phoebe Waller-Bridge has joined the cast to accompany Harrison Ford in the long-awaited fifth installment of the Lucasfilm and Disney saga.

The hero will return in 2022

The release date of ‘Indiana Jones 5’ remains as it was: July 29, 2022. Also, the tweet notes that another veteran of Indy movies, John Williams (who they describe as “inimitable”, curiously, something they do not say about Ford) is involved in the project and will compose the soundtrack.

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Remember that Ford and Williams are two of the names that have always been associated with the saga, along with Steven Spielberg y George Lucas, who for the first time have decided to give up their posts. In this way, as we already reported, James Mangold will take care of the staging. The director of ‘Logan’ or ‘Le Mans’ 66′ (‘Ford v Ferrari’) faces the challenge of replacing Spielberg for the first time in the Indy franchise.

There is no information about the character that Waller-Bridge will play. Recall that the award-winning author of ‘Fleabag’ already participated in ‘No time to die’, the new installment of 007, another famous franchise that, by the way, served as inspiration to create Indiana Jones. The great unknown, however, is what will be the role of Harrison Ford in the skin of the adventurous archaeologist, when he is already 78 years old … Of course you want to find out.

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