Immoral Guild Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Harem ecchi anime ‘Immoral Guild’ (also known as ‘Futoku no Guild’) is based on a series of Japanese manga by Taichi Kawazoe. Kikuru Madan, a famous member of the Mebuki guild’s guards, is the protagonist of this episode. Kikuru wants to lead a quiet life away from the spotlight, but he can’t retire just yet because he’s invested in the guild’s success. Enome, the guild’s receptionist, understands his predicament, and Kikuru appoints the talented newcomers Hanabata Nohkins, Toxico Dannar, Maidena Ange, and Hitamu “Hitamuki” Kyan to help him choose his replacement.

Although this aids the veteran guard who initiates the four ladies, things become difficult for Kikuru when monsters begin preying upon women exclusively. There is a small but dedicated fandom all over the world for the 2022 Fall anime season’s release of the amusing narrative of the famed guard and his four new recruits. After the first season’s finale, viewers had questions about what lies ahead for the show. If you’re wondering the same thing, you’re in luck.

Immoral Guild Season 2 Renewal Status

Fans have been waiting for confirmation of a second season of Immoral Guild ever since the first season concluded. Rooster Teeth, the show’s creators, teased a “surprise” recently that may or may not have any bearing on the show’s cancellation. Since they didn’t reveal any further details, it’s still unclear if Immoral Guild will return for a second season.

Immoral Guild Season 2 Release Date

It’s unfortunate that the limited information we have concerning the future of the program doesn’t reflect the series’ undeniable popularity. Nonetheless, several indicators suggest that Futoku no Guild has a promising future. It’s important to spread the word about great literature, and since the manga is still going strong, anime adaptations fill that void. This means there are more narratives available for adaptation. Second, the show isn’t over yet, so the buzz is still going strong. Thirdly, Futoku no Guild has a sizable following and considerable popularity.

Given these factors, it seems likely that Futoku no Guild will continue beyond its initial season. Although we can never say for sure, our experience in the business leads us to believe that the show will likely be returning for future seasons.

Whatever the case may be, we probably won’t see a second season until early 2024 unless we hear something concrete in 2023. If not, 2025 is still a viable option, and 2026 is not out of the question, either.

Immoral Guild Storyline

Skilled hunter Kikuru Madan wants to retire so he can fully appreciate his youth. One day, Enome, the guild receptionist, talks him into going on a quest with Hitamu Kyan, a new martial artist. Hitamu, on the other hand, is poor at repelling monsters and ends up attracting more of them. As new members join the party, Kikuru decides to postpone his retirement.

Immoral Guild Cast and characters

  • Kikuru Madan Voiced by: Katsumi Fukuhara
    Kikuru is a 20-year-old hunter who uses a bow and arrow as well as a dagger.
  • Hitamu Kyan Voiced by: Karin Isobe
    Nicknamed “Hitamuki”, Hitamu is a martial artist who has dog ears and believes in hard work.
  • Maidena Angers Voiced by: Ayano Shibuya
    Maidena is a white mage who acts arrogant due to her skills and intelligence. During combat, however, she displays a fearful personality.
  • Tokishikko Dana Voiced by: Yō Taichi
    Tokishikko is a black mage who has a lazy personality. She is a childhood friend of Hanabata’s.
  • Hanabata Nohkins Voiced by: Yuna Kamakura
    Hanabata is a warrior. Whenever she uses her Flower Frenzy skill, she enters an intoxicated state with tremendous power and speed.
  • Noma Rune Voiced by: Saho Shirasu
    Noma is a red mage. Due to his feminine appearance, he is often mistakenly believed to be a girl.
  • Enome Voiced by: Rumi Okubo
    Enome is the receptionist of Kikuru’s guild, whom he has a crush on.
  • Eshune Voiced by: Yuyu Shoji
    Eshune is Enome’s daughter. She wants her mother and Kikuru to get married so the latter can be her new father.

Immoral Guild Season 2 Plot

Kikuru’s training of Hanabata Nohkins, Toxico Dannar, Maidena Ange, and Hitamu “Hitamuki” Kyan will continue in season 2. Kikuru must investigate the ongoing attacks on women by monsters outside Mebuki’s boundaries in order to discover the source of this anomaly. And if that weren’t enough, he might also be saddled with some new hires, who are guaranteed to make his life a living hell. Kikuru may be able to take one step closer to retiring and living a quiet life this coming season.

Immoral Guild Season 2 Trailer

Welp! There is currently no trailer for Futoku No Guild season 2, but that should change once the show is officially renewed.

Immoral Guild Rating

The first season of Immoral Guild was well-received by viewers, earning an average IMDb score of 7.5 out of 10. The show has not been picked up for a second season at this time. Despite generally positive reviews, the show’s numbers have not been spectacular, and its continuation is in jeopardy. Fans will just have to wait and see if the program is canceled or renewed.

Where to watch Immoral Guild?

Since the anime’s debut, it has been shown on restricted local Japanese networks like Tokyo MX, TVA, KBS Kyoto, SUN, and BS11. AT-X, on the other hand, is the only Japanese channel that airs uncut anime. If you have access to any of the aforementioned networks, you can watch the latest episodes of popular anime series.

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