I Woke Up a Vampire Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Since its premiere on October 17th, this year, this fresh and incredible Canadian Netflix original has shocked and rolled the globe. The incredible fan following that this series has acquired in such a short amount of time is even more remarkable than the series itself, the narrative, and the characters. In the short time since its introduction, this series has already risen to the ranks of the top five programs, moving up from the top ten.

What is this show that has captured the imagination of so many people? Worldwide, viewers can’t get enough of the new Netflix original series, I Woke Up a Vampire. For what seems like an eternity, Netflix has failed to provide its audience with quality programming like this.

The release has finally arrived, and the fans can’t wait to see it. Some fans have already completed the first season’s eight episodes and are already asking for more.

Now we can see: when will our beloved program be back? and you will be informed about the program in every detail in this post today. There will be no omissions while discussing the story, actors, or director. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we embark on a unique storyline series.

I Woke Up a Vampire Season 2 Renewal Status

The continuation of “I Woke Up a Vampire” into a second season has not been officially announced. With a May 2023 Canadian launch and an October 17th, 2023 American release, the first season has sixteen episodes. Despite having all sixteen episodes completed, Netflix has chosen to distribute episodes nine through sixteen as a distinct season and postpone their release.

Netflix often breaks episodes into parts to keep viewers engaged for longer and generate more cash; however, the exact rationale for this choice has not been disclosed. The show has not been formally renewed for a second season, but fans are still hoping for some news soon.

I Woke Up a Vampire Season 2 Release Date

A formal announcement on the premiere date of Season 2 of I Woke Up a Vampire is anticipated to be made at a later date.

The second season of I Woke Up a Vampire is not yet in the works. The debut of the series took place a little over a week ago in the US and other countries. Netflix will probably wait to make a judgment about its future based on how well it does in other markets.

I Woke Up a Vampire Story

The story of “I Woke Up a Vampire” revolves around thirteen-year-old Carmie Henley, who finds out on her birthday that she is a vampire—a hybrid of human and vampire blood. She overcomes the challenges of middle school by embracing her supernatural identity with the support of her faithful buddy Kev.

As she tries to manage her everyday life with her superpowers, the program follows Carmie on her adventure. As she travels, she faces obstacles, goes on adventures, and unravels secrets connected to her distinct history. Friendship and bravery are defined in their purest form as Carmie makes her way through this fantastic realm.

I Woke Up a Vampire Cast

  • Kaileen Angelic Chang as Carmie Henley
  • Niko Ceci as Kev Gardner
  • Zebastin Borjeau as Dylan Helsing
  • Ana Araujo as Leanna Timmons
  • Ipsita Paul as Aasha
  • Aaliyah Cinello as Madison
  • Rainbow Sun Francks as Bill
  • Charlotte Legault as the Shapeshifter

I Woke Up a Vampire Season 1 Ending

Carmie manages to get to her school’s musical performance in time after rescuing Madison from the Collector with the help of Dylan and Kev. In the meantime, the collector’s continued inability to locate his daughter is causing him great distress. Even though he feels off, he keeps on in his quest to locate her.

English musician Rick Astley calls Carmie after the show ends to tell her that he, too, is a blended In addition, he gives Carmie a cryptic message that warns her not to trust everyone she meets and that she will soon face a major choice. To what subject may he be referring?

The revelation that the Shapeshifter is Carmie’s biological mother is the most stunning aspect of the climax, which occurs in the second-to-last scene. The shapeshifter atop a structure is shown in the last shot. Carmie will have to learn the truth, she argues, speaking up. Can you tell me the truth? What is the reality of her role as her mother? I’m hoping for a second season of “I Woke Up a Vampire” to finally reveal the answer.

I Woke Up a Vampire Season 2 Trailer

The lack of a formal trailer for the program is our greatest regret. No official word on the show’s renewal status has been announced by either the studio or the producers as of this writing. This prevents us from obtaining the official trailer.

Where to watch I Woke Up a Vampire?

Lots of people are looking forward to seeing the program, and if you’re one of them, you can learn more about it on Netflix. One of the greatest sites, Netflix, has some of the greatest series ever.


Season 2 of I Woke Up a Vampire will continue to delve into Carmie Henley’s enchanted world and her supernatural quest; however, details about the narrative and release dates are yet unknown. Season 1 of I Woke Up a Vampire captivated viewers, and season 2 is set to take things to the next level.

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