Hyper Scape, guide: list of all Hacks and their effects

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You have just started playing the beta of Hyper Scape, the new battle royale by Ubisoft, and you don't know what the various hacks are for? No problem, as in this short guide we will explain in detail the function of each single skill in the game.


With the use of this ability it is possible to reveal the position of hidden enemies in front of your character. The area of ​​effect of this hack is rather limited and whoever is reported is perfectly aware of it thanks to a warning on the screen.


This hack is incredibly useful for players who need a way to escape the most difficult situations and, why not, to play stealthily and stay alive until the final stages of the game. By making the most of this hack, you could complete some of the daily and weekly survival challenges without any particular problems.


When the mine is activated, an explosive with a precise range of action is placed: the enemies that end up in that area activate the mine that will start following them and then explode and deal a lot of damage. Fortunately the mine can be countered and by repeatedly hitting it with a weapon it is possible to destroy it before it reaches its target.


The Wall is an excellent hack for those who want to annoy players or disturb snipers in the distance. Activating this Hack evokes a huge digital wall that can also be used at the feet of your character to more easily reach the elevated places. Be it your wall or that evoked by others, know that it is possible to destroy it with a gunshot.


Thanks to the Hack Healing, a signal is placed on the ground that speeds up the recovery of health for anyone in its range. During a gunfight it can therefore be placed to have a slight advantage over the enemy, since you can lightly buffer the damage.

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Enabling the Shield Hack increases damage resistance for a few seconds, making your character's skin almost indestructible. When you try to hit an enemy with activated Shield, you notice that instead of the classic numbers that indicate the amount of damage dealt there is a small blue shield.


With this crazy Hack the character enters a large sphere that can bounce from one part of the map to the other and can be used both to simplify the movements and to escape from a collision, since the sphere also protects against incoming damage.


Teleportation is one of the most useful hacks and consists of a quick snap that allows the player to move forward by several meters. Thanks to such an ability you can not only confuse the enemy during a fight, but also escape more easily and reach places otherwise inaccessible with a simple double jump.


Upon activation of Crash, the player jumps into the air and then catapulted to the floor, unleashing a shock wave capable of throwing enemies into the air, without inflicting any damage on them. The use of Crash can also be useful to reach high places and to get an idea of ​​the position of the enemies during a fire conflict, so as to jump on the enemies and maybe make them fall off a roof.

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