Hunter x Hunter: announcement expected next week, what is it?

Where have you been Hunter x Hunter? As far as we know, the sensei has been struggling with chronic back pain for years that basically prevents him from working on the manga without suffering severe pain. Strengthened by an ad hoc contract with Weekly Shonen Jump, the author took several breaks during the course of the serialization of the work.

About two months ago Hunter x Hunter broke a new record after having exceeded 800 days without having published any new chapter of the manga. Also a few weeks ago, the series had returned to be talked about after a meeting between the voice actresses of Gon and Killua, a phenomenon that had triggered some speculations about the future of the franchise. Even though it was in fact just an escape room, the chances of an announcement had raised fan hopes.

Similarly, Shueisha has reserved in the corner of the new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump a section in Hunter x Hunter in which foretells news for next week’s edition of the magazine. Knowing the history of the franchise, however, it seems that the announcement in question will not concern the return of the manga, much less news on the animated series, rather something inherent to merchandising. Therefore, therefore, we suggest that you do not have too much expectations for the enigmatic announcement of Jump, since if it announced the return of serialization it would have been accompanied by a much greater clamor.

In any case, it is true that in the last period Hunter x Hunter is really returning to be talked about and who knows that 2021 may finally reserve a small space for the return of the manga. And you, on the other hand, when do you hope to see Yoshihiro Togashi’s comic again? Let us know with a comment below.

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