How to make advantage of a betting promo code

Looking to get into the world of online betting but don’t know where to begin? You’re in good company. It’s not uncommon for sports fans to be daunted by digitalising their gambling activity. However, there isn’t anything to feel too daunted by. The rules are the same and there are actually added advantages to betting online, which is why it is now the more popular way to gamble. The most obvious advantage is that it suits you and your schedule. No longer will you need to make the trip to the betting shop down the road to place a wager. Cuddle up on the sofa in your pyjamas or settle into the train seat on your daily commute, betting is now at the mercy of your fingertips. Another advantage of online betting is being able to decide when you settle your wager. Betting ‘in-play’ is extremely popular because it allows customers to both place and settle bets whenever they see fit. These decisions can be based on a number of variables relating to the sporting event that you are watching unfold before your eyes. Perhaps you wish to cut your losses on an unwise selection. ‘Cashing out’ allows the customer to save a percentage of the doomed stake they placed. It also allows the bookmaker to tempt a customer into accepting a settlement of sorts on a selection that looks as though it may win big.

Let’s give an example of how one would make the most of a cash-out opportunity: Peter has put five euro on Crystal Palace to beat Man United at Old Trafford. Palace are 9/1 to get the win, meaning that if his selection wins he will get 50 euro. The reason he would get 50 instead of 45 is that he would win his stake back as well as the money on offer. Palace take a two-goal lead and have dominated the match so far. Peter is on his way to winning that money. The bookmaker he placed the bet with know this and decide to tempt him with a cash-out option of 25 euro. Peter, seeing that Palace have decided to hold what they have and that United are coming back into the game, opts to take it. No matter the outcome, he makes a healthy profit.

Of course, Peter could take the offer and miss out on his full winnings. That’s a win for the bookies. But enough about Peter. Before rolling the cash-out dice one must choose which bookmaker they wish to start an account with. One of the biggest factors that decide this decision is what kind of welcome bonus a bookmaker is offering. Some offers are generous and others are stingy. The typical offers made to customers include a free bet as well as the doubling of an initial deposit. A qualifying bet is a key condition for gaining access to these offers. Not to say that a qualifying bet is a terrible thing. If you are interested in starting an account in the first place it means that you want to place bets, so you may as well receive a bonus for doing it. Provided the customer thinks through their selections and uses the offer wisely, they can come out with a big win. Bet365 currently have a welcome offer that promises to match an initial deposit to the value of up to £100. What this means is that you can get £100 worth of Bet365 bet credits in your account after following a few conditions that are clearly outlined. One such condition is that your selection has to have minimum odds of 1.5. Wincomparator is a site that reviews betting offers based on detailed criteria.

Click here to see how Wincomparator breaks down that Bet365 offer and others like it. It must be said that betting online can have its drawbacks and punters should always be gamble aware. Bet responsibly and do the requisite research before opening an account. Don’t gamble more than you can afford to loseHow  and remember to make sure that you’re having fun.

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