How to Drink Castor Oil to Clean The Stomach

How to Drink Castor Oil to Clean The Stomach

Castor oil is the castor plant’s seed. Castor Oil has several benefits, both when taken internally and applied externally. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid that can help in dissolving gallstones or kidney stones. It also works as an effective laxative when taken orally to relieve constipation.

The use of castor oil to clean the stomach has been used for thousands of years. It is not just for detoxing the body, but also helps in many other ways.

How does castor oil cleanse your liver?

Castor oil works like any other laxative or detoxifying agent by dehydrating the fecal matter as it passes through the intestinal tract. This helps to remove any toxins and parasites attached to the fecal matter, which also includes gallstones and other debris.

In addition to cleaning the lower intestine, castor oil also stimulates the liver and gallbladder to produce bile. This is important because its components help in dissolving gallstones.

How does Castor Oil Cleanse your colon?

Castor oil works by stimulating contractions in intestinal muscles which helps to increase appetite while also encouraging digestion and inducing bowel movements. This is what helps to remove the gallstones and other intestinal debris.

The large intestine has an important role in eliminating toxins and unwanted substances from the body. It also helps to absorb vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and water.

When taking Castor oil for cleaning your stomach or colon make sure you follow the recommended dosage. Do not take more than what is suggested by your physician or pharmacist as this can lead to serious health risks.

Internal use of Castor oil:

Take one tablespoon of castor oil, preferably after meals because this helps to coat the stomach lining which prevents the need for vomiting

Take a hot bath or apply a heating pad to your abdominal area. The heat relaxes muscles and makes it easier to pass gallstones

Drink some more castor oil, but make sure you do this quickly without chewing or drinking water

Get ready to pass the gallstones. Some of the small stones will pass out with your stool, but some may require you to strain and push. This is where having a castor oil cleanse kit comes in handy


You should not drink too much castor oil as it can lead to dehydration and intestinal rupture. Follow recommended dosage only

Never take castor oil if you have a bowel obstruction or another condition that is interfering with your ability to pass stool

Do not use castor oil for more than three consecutive days per week because this can lead to liver and gallbladder damage. You may also want to check with a medical professional before using it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Castor oil is not just for detoxifying the body but is also used in the treatment of many other health conditions such as constipation, arthritis, burns, high blood pressure, toothaches, or pain in the ear. It is also used for stimulating the immune system and regulating menstrual periods.

External use of Castor oil:

Mix one tablespoon of castor oil with two tablespoons of olive oil (extra virgin) to make an effective treatment for earaches. Simply put three to four drops in the affected ear every couple of hours.

Use castor oil to treat bruises, sprains, muscle pain, headaches, and burns by massaging it directly onto the injured area

Mix three parts of ground cayenne pepper with one part castor oil to make a powerful topical solution for arthritis or swollen joints. You can also add a few drops of camphor oil to reduce pain even further

Put several teaspoons of castor oil in your bath for an ache relief treatment. Those with arthritis will especially benefit from this. Make sure you rub it into your skin after the bath has finished

Mix castor oil with baking soda and water to make a powerful antifungal treatment for people suffering from athlete’s foot and other forms of fungi

what to eat after castor oil cleanse:-After emptying out what was inside our digestive tract, there is always a tendency to go back to the same bad eating habits that made us sick in the first place.

A common example of this behavior is when somebody suffering from constipation goes on to eat unhealthy fast food meals which leads him back into the vicious cycle of not having proper bowel movements followed by the consumption of more fast food. In order for you to avoid this from happening after your castor oil cleanses, here are some tips on what you can eat and drink along with what not to eat and drink right after one:

1. Start off with fresh fruits and vegetables-After having taken castor oil orally, it is highly recommended to consume fresh fruits and vegetables for the next couple of hours. The reason behind this is that it will help our body deal with any diarrhea that we might be experiencing as a result of the detoxification process taking place right now.

In order for us to avoid more serious conditions such as dehydration, these hydrating foods are highly recommended especially if we do not have a bowel movement within the hour.

2. Drinking castor oil-Although it might sound like a distasteful idea, drinking castor oil before we take our first meal of the day is highly recommended. This will help us avoid unnecessary stomach bloating and indigestion that can be brought about by eating solid foods after the consumption of castor oil. In addition, it will also help us to get rid of any remaining fecal matter inside our digestive tract which might have been leftover from the last night’s meal.

3. Warm lemon water-While this is not a mandatory requirement after taking castor oil, many individuals would strongly recommend drinking warm lemon water for a couple of days after taking it. According to them, this helps in maintaining a healthy level of acidity inside our body which prevents the reemergence of any undigested food particles that might have been left behind by the cleaning process that took place earlier on.

4. Ginger tea-If you do not like drinking lemon water, another alternative substitute would be ginger tea which is equally effective when it comes to dealing with the aftermath effects of taking castor oil. The reason behind this is that ginger contains a strong cleansing agent known as “gingerol” which also helps in speeding up our body’s metabolic activity thus helping us get rid of any undigested food items.

5. Make sure you eat-Although it might sound contrary to what we have mentioned at the start, it is still highly recommended that you eat something after taking castor oil. You can start by eating some fruits or drinking some fresh fruit juices followed by gradually moving on to solid food items such as salads and soups.

While this might not be necessary, it is highly recommended that you don’t eat any fried or greasy food items as this might slow down the process of bowel movement which can cause constipation.

6. Make sure nothing gets stuck-When we take castor oil orally, it is designed to induce the contraction of our intestinal muscles thus pushing everything inside us towards the rectum and out of our body.

However, if we do not take a bath or move around after the consumption of castor oil, there is always a tendency for it to get stuck inside us thus leading to constipation once again. In order for this not to happen, make sure that you take a bath or go out and walk around after the consumption of castor oil.

7. Avoid taking certain medications-In in addition to what we have mentioned above, it is also highly recommended for us to avoid taking any medications which contain paracetamol or ibuprofen as these can cause diarrhea and constipation respectively.

In order for you to remain healthy after having taken a dose of castor oil, avoid taking such medications so that your body can recover on its own without the need for any outside intervention.

8. Make sure you drink plenty of water in order for us to get rid of all the toxins and fecal material inside our digestive tract, it is highly recommended to consume lots and lots of water after having taken a dose of castor oil. This will enable the cleansing process to take place faster and for us to be able to return back to our normal body functions as soon as possible.

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