How Technology has Impacted the NBA 

Technology is more than a tool used to find the NBA expert picks but has impacted the NBA significantly. Come with us as we take a look at the NBA and how technology has impacted the NBA. 

What is the NBA?

The NBA, which is the National Basketball, was founded on 6 June 1946. The league, a professional basketball league, is situated in North America, has 30 teams affiliated with it, and is one of the biggest sports leagues in Canada and the United States. 

The power of technology in the NBA

When we think of the NBA, we usually don’t consider how much technology it takes to run it or even to propel the sport forward. In many cases, we also don’t think about how technology has impacted the NBA and how we are on the receiving end of all the technological advancements.

Below we take a look at how technology has changed, shaped, and even given more opportunities to the NBA. 

The power of live streaming in the NBA

One of the greatest gifts that technology has brought us is the power to live stream, especially during sporting events such as the NBA games. Previously people were only able to either hear about the games on the radio or watch the game being played on national tv; however, with technological advancements, this narrative has changed. 

We can now live stream the NBA games on our mobile devices, desktops, or TVs. We can live stream games through paid online platforms such as ESPN, YouTube TV, TNT, ABC, and many more. Many of these platforms require that you pay for subscriptions to their website, as they pay for rights to access this content. 

It’s important to remember that organizers and teams make money from ticket sales, advertising rights, and viewing rights. This is how money is made in the sports world, which in turn goes back to organizers and teams playing in events. 

Media and the NBA

When we think of technology, we don’t really think about the media and social media in general and how it affects sports such as the NBA. The media is used as a channel to get information across to us. The media offers us information on where events will be held, where we can buy tickets, find out when events will start, and so on. The media also operates as a way for the NBA to attract more traction.

Attracting more traction to things such as events brings in more people, creating relevance within the market. The more people watch and want to attend, the more the NBA can charge on things such as advertising rights. Thus making more money for the team and organizers.

Social media can also operate in a similar way by creating an interest in the game. All we need to find out is that our favorite influencer, artist, or another important figure will be attending, and it causes us to want to attend as well. 

Social media also creates interest in events by posting on social media and interacting with fans. Engagement is one of the most powerful tools social media gives the public. Social media is a direct link that fans can use to engage with organizers, players, and others. Many use social media as an engagement tool to reach the right audience and keep them in touch with the latest news. 

Sports betting and the NBA

Thankfully, many of us can place our bets on our favorite NBA games, which allows us to support our favorite teams while potentially earning an extra buck. Sports betting will enable us to participate in the games in a way that wasn’t possible not so long ago. 

Today you can comfortably place your bets from your home and even use your mobile device. Many online casinos have opted to venture into having mobile apps that aid in making the betting process a lot less stressful. 

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