How much does Álvaro Rico know about his series?

In Cosmo we like to play and with Alvaro Rico we have gone for it all. The actor, who has just released ‘Alba’ at Atresplayer, you submit to our Trivial special because we want to know if you know perfectly all the details of the series in which he has participated. The truth is that it has surprised us a lot, although we anticipate that we have caught it failing some. ‘Medical Center’ was the fiction with which he started his television career: “It was one day and I remember it as something fast. Then it came ‘Velvet Collection’ where I played a small role. My goal was to survive on the ‘set’, I was more aware of that than to interpret “.

Then they called him for ‘Elite’ and his world took a total turn. He did the tests for the character of Guzmán, but ended up being Polo, the great murderer of fiction. In a moment of transitory madness, he ends the life of Polo (María Pedraza) and precisely about that scene on which the plot of the first installments turned we spoke in our questionnaire. In fiction, as we all know, it didn’t have a better ending either. A shame because he gave us a lot of play and we will miss him in the new installments.

Alvaro Rico

Álvaro is wearing a wool sweater, from Dior Men.


Then they came ‘Confined accounts’, an experiment that was created during the pandemic, and ‘El Cid’, whose second batch will come soon to Amazon Prime Video and in which it will have much more weight. While we wait for Nuño’s return, you can see him as Jacobo in ‘Alba’, a character not easy to interpret and that the actor embroiders. Will you have the proper answer to all the questions we have asked you about these jobs? Don’t waste your time and hit ‘play’ because some of his answers are wonderful.

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