How Does Technology Influence Online Gambling?

How Does Technology Influence Online Gambling?

If not for the technological advancements and innovations, the iGaming industry wouldn’t have grown massively. Currently, a lot of gambling businesses are offering their customers increasing opportunities to enter lotteries, indulge in casino games, and bet on sports over the internet. For instance, apps like DraftKings and BetMGM offer gaming services to enthusiastic punters entirely online.

While the gaming industry has been around for more than a hundred years, it would have been hard for people to experience gaming from the comfort of their homes without technology.

According to various surveys and studies, the iGaming industry is projected to grow twofold, hitting $100 billion across the world by 2025.

In this article, we take a deeper look at how a few technologies have influenced the course of the online gambling industry.

Mobile Apps are Changing the Face of Betting

A lot of industries like restaurants and retailers were able to change their course of the journey and achieve greater possibilities by embracing the internet and mobile phones. Currently, you will find it hard to find a business without a digital footprint.

The same applies to the gambling industry too. Mobile gaming increased by 75% in 2012, and it further rose 84% between 2013 and 2015. The main contributor to this trend was mobile gambling that doubled in 2014 alone. Additionally, the number of wagers placed on mobile devices is said to reach $100 billion, with more than 164 million people currently using mobile devices to play at a mobile casino. And these numbers are only supposed to grow.

This growth is the epitome of the power of mobile apps for the betting industry. However, with so many customers wagering from the comforts of their homes, bookmakers will have a hard time staying relevant.

Michigan: A Classic Example of How Online Gambling is Holding Strong

The online sports betting figures in Michigan dropped unexpectedly in April. However, this didn’t prevent Michigan online casinos from performing well. In fact, Michigan became one of the nation’s top markets during the period.

In April alone, internet sports betting operators had to deal with $249.9 million in bets. This meant a 30.5% decrease from the $359.5 in March. For the operators, this meant a 36.8% hit and $20.4 million in receipts.

Despite the decrease, Michigan achieved $1 billion in online sports betting on April 30. This marked the state’s position among other leaders in the sports betting markets, such as Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

How are Sportsbooks Meeting the Growing Mobile Gambling Demand?

It is quite obvious that technology has dramatically impacted the gambling industry, making it more convenient for mobile customers and making it accessible all the time. In addition, given the ease of placing wagers, customers now expect betting shops to add mobile gambling into their shops.

For instance, casino betting kiosks can be thought of as a secure, flexible, and more user-friendly option for sportsbooks and casinos to improve their offerings to customers. Digital betting kiosks are also great for the casino industry as they come with many customizable options—you can even install a receipt printer or cash drawer.

The tablet can even act as a multi-platform solution for betting and paying through integrated devices. Your customer can quickly scan their ID when they enter the casino or have their photo taken for access. The integrated cash acceptors will enable customers to easily wager on interactive tablet closure and spend the time before the race by playing some games available on the tablet. A printer will then give the users a receipt on completion of paying the cash at the desk.

Final Thoughts

Technological advancements and innovations are quickly changing how people view the iGaming industry. While the technology that we are aware of has changed the way we entertain ourselves, more technologies will surface in the future. So far, the technologies have considerably offered us new experiences, and they will only continue to make our lives better.

As new technological advancements and innovations continue to emerge, it will be interesting to see how the iGaming world will be filled with notable technological advancements.

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