Houseki no Kuni Chapter 105 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Houseki no Kuni Chapter 105 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Fans anxiously await the release of the next chapter of Houseki no Kuni, dubbed as ‘Land of the Lustrous’.

What kinds of stories can involve crystals? The story introduces a post-destruction world with six orbs and a solitary island.

In the universe, there are crystallized individuals who could not possibly survive! Those who attained consciousness have become referred to as Lustrous and are commanded by the sage Kongou sensei to defend themselves from the inhabitants of the moon.

Houseki nothing Kuni, also known as Land of Lustrous, is a manga by Haruko Ichikawa that features a wide variety of exciting genres. Anyone can contemplate this manga’s moral.

This manga has everything you require, from fantasy along with action-adventure to drama, investigation, psychological, science fiction, and tragedy. There is much philosophy concerning the ego and society.

It has the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions in you. Well, it initially appears to be quite straightforward, but don’t be deceived by its appearance.

The manga is more complex than it initially appears. It is a reflection in topics such as identity, morality, to and personal development. Characters are ingeniously written, and you’ll be captivated from the start.

In a vibrant planet inhabited through crystalline lifeforms known as “The Lustrous,” Gems are abundant.

These precious stones possess talent. However, they are threatened by the Lunarians, who intend to capture and use them as ornaments.

The jewels desired to aid in the battle against the moon inhabitants, but possessed inadequate combat skills.

Phosphophyllite is most fragile and juvenile mineral, with a lifespan of 300 years. A few Gems viewed Phos as a burden.

In the exciting universe of the manhwa “To Not Die,” Yim Dajun and Hwang Shiyang continue to fight. The visuals are an visual feast, and the music elevates the narrative to a new level.

In the chapter before, tensions met a boiling point when Shiyang attempted to stop Dajun’s plans by destroying the H Lab, placing the lives of Dajun and Kim Heesu in danger.

Shiyang’s complicated relationship with Heesu and his desire for recognition add additional intrigue to this captivating tale.

Houseki no Kuni Chapter 105 Release Date

On October 1, 2023, readers will eventually be able to read Houseki no Kuni Chapter 105, which was originally scheduled to be published in July.

The series had abruptly gone on hiatus, however presently that all is resolved, it’s back on track, as readers will be receiving the next chapter by the close of this month.

Houseki no Kuni Chapter 105 Trailer

Houseki no Kuni Chapter 105 Plot

In Houseki no Kuni Chapter 104, Phos along with his transition take a major turn for the worse. Phos dissolves out of his body, and he takes out his phosphophyllite, declaring that it is the only thing remaining in him.

When asked whenever there is anything else, Phos responds that recent events have caused him to forget the majority of it. Phos asserts that he wishes to eradicate anything that could harm those he cares about.

But Alas, who seems not to be able to discern Phos’s emotions, says he’s sure he can’t detect anything in Phos’s body that might be causing him distress.

This makes Phos further perplexed, as he cannot comprehend why he cannot commit suicide when Sadly is there to assist him.

This unexpected turn in events raises new concerns regarding Phos’s desires and degree of change.

The final chapter raises a number of concerns for the reader, one of the most important being why Phos wiped out all of humanity up to the point of contemplating suicide.

With Phos’s self-destructive impulses, it is certain which the narrative could be nearing its conclusion, despite the fact that one waits for answers.

The spoilers to feed Houseki no Kuni Chapter 105 have been not yet available, but fans are free to speculate about what they may contain.

Right now, there aren’t any secret glimpses or indications about what will occur in Houseki nothing Kuni Chapter 105.

However, supporters can continue to speculate about what may occur next. In the previous chapter, numerous queries remained unaddressed.

One of the greatest mysteries was why Phos opted to eradicate all traces about their humanity and at one point considered suicide.

Given Phos’s self-destructive impulses, it appears that the series may be nearing its conclusion while we all wait for answers.

In chapter 104, Kongo’s sibling explains why they intentionally miscalculated the path of the meteorite so that it would strike the Earth.

His mother was bullied at work despite her diligence and intelligence because her supervisor took all the credit over her work.

After the discussion about the origins of the human race brought to an end, Phos suggested taking a breather before delving into more stories.

Pebble remarked that humans are short-lived and that they break, then create, then break again. And I concluded that humans are frightening.

Pebble asked Phos what humans believed pleasure to be, and Phos replied, “Humans were unfamiliar with such concepts.”

Then, Pebble conveys his thoughts, stating that everyone’s contentment depends on their own well-being, regardless of how they are virtuous or evil.

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