Higurashi: When They Cry SOTSU, the trailer for the new season is online and will be released in July

Higurashi: When They Cry GOU, the first season of Studio Passione’s remake / rebuild, ended on March 19th with the twenty-fourth and final episode. Immediately after the conclusion of the series, the sequel was announced Higurashi: When They Cry SOTSU (“Graduation” in the western version) and now we have finally received new information on the second part.

Higurashi: When They Cry SOTSU will be a direct sequel to GOU, also produced by Passione and likely composed of another 24 episodes. The broadcast will begin in July, and at the top of the article you can take a look at the subtitled trailer shared during Anime Japan 2021. We remind you that the series is not a 1: 1 remake of the great 2006 classic, but a new version with several differences.

VVVVID distributed the first season in Italy, in two blocks of episodes broadcast from 1 October 2020 to 19 March 2021, and for the moment it has not yet announced the simulcast of the new episodes. The extended version of the trailer confirms the return of all voice actors and staff, starting with the director and creator of the “remake” Keiichiro Kawaguchi.

And what do you think of it? Will you follow the new episodes? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we remind you that in a few days another long-awaited horror will start, namely Shadow House.

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