Hellboy: The Crooked Man Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

Hellboy: The Crooked Man Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

Hellboy, the iconic half-demon hero created by Mike Mignola, is making a highly anticipated return to the big screen with the upcoming film “Hellboy: The Crooked Man.” After the lukewarm reception of the 2019 Hellboy reboot, fans have eagerly awaited a new adaptation that genuinely captures the dark, supernatural spirit of the original comics. The wait is nearly over, as “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” promises to deliver a chilling and faithful take on one of Mignola’s most acclaimed Hellboy stories.

Set in the 1950s Appalachian mountains, this new entry promises to dive deep into the horror and folklore elements that have always been a core part of the Hellboy mythos. With an exciting young cast, a seasoned horror director at the helm, and the direct involvement of Mignola himself, “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” could be the reboot the franchise has been sorely missing. Let’s dive in and look at what we can expect from this frightening new Hellboy adventure.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man Release Date:

An exact release date for “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” has not yet been announced, but the film is slated to hit theaters sometime in 2024. Given the horror-tinged nature of the story and the film’s potential to capitalize on the Halloween season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the movie debut in the fall of 2024, potentially aiming for a mid-to-late October release.

The production wrapped filming in May 2023, so the post-production process is underway. Director Brian Taylor has promised a heavy emphasis on practical effects and a return to the R-rated, mature tone that fans crave. With the talented crew and cast assembled, “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” will be worth the wait for devoted Hellboy devotees.


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Hellboy: The Crooked Man Storyline:

“Hellboy: The Crooked Man” takes its narrative directly from the 2008 Hellboy comic miniseries of the same name, written by Mike Mignola and illustrated by Richard Corben. Set in the 1950s, the story follows Hellboy and a rookie BPRD agent as they find themselves stranded in the rural Appalachian mountains.

There, they discover a small community haunted by a dark supernatural force – a local devil, the Crooked Man. Unlike Hellboy’s typical world-ending threats, this story delves into more intimate folk horror territory, pitting the hero against a sinister entity with a personal connection to Hellboy’s past.

The Crooked Man, a former tax collector who cheated the hangman’s noose, has become a soul collector in service of the Devil, using twisted occult rituals to prey upon the isolated mountain town. Hellboy and his new BPRD partner must use their wits and occult knowledge to unravel the mystery behind the Crooked Man’s reign of terror and end his evil schemes.

Mignola has praised the script’s dedication to faithfully adapting the original comic, saying it captures the “heart and soul” of the beloved story. With the horror-fueled Appalachian setting and the more grounded, intimate threat posed by the Crooked Man, this new Hellboy film promises to be a refreshing departure from the franchise’s typical world-saving adventures.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man Cast:

Leading the cast of “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” is Jack Kesy as the titular demon hero. Kesy, known for his roles in Deadpool 2 and 12 Strong, takes over the Hellboy mantle from Ron Perlman and David Harbour, bringing a younger, more brooding interpretation of the character to the screen.

Joining Kesy are several up-and-coming talents, including Adeline Rudolph (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) as Hellboy’s BPRD partner, Bobbie Jo Song, and Jefferson White (Yellowstone) as Tom Ferrell, a local drifter who assists Hellboy in his investigation.

In a unique bit of casting, actor Martin Bassindale will pull double duty, portraying both the villainous Crooked Man and Hellboy’s adoptive father, Professor Trevor “Broom” Bruttenholm. Rounding out the supporting cast are Joseph Marcell as Reverend Nathaniel Armstrong Watts, Leah McNamara as Effie Kolb, and Hannah Margetson as Cora Fisher.

With a mix of established talent and promising newcomers, the “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” ensemble seems poised to breathe new life into the franchise while still honoring its roots. The film’s horror-tinged tone also provides fertile ground for the cast to fully explore the darker, more unsettling elements of the Hellboy mythos.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man Creators Team:

Director Brian Taylor, best known for his work on the over-the-top, high-octane Crank films, is at the helm of Hellboy: The Crooked Man. Taylor’s background in blending action, horror, and dark humor makes him an intriguing choice to tackle the Hellboy franchise, and he’s spoken extensively about his desire to lean into the character’s supernatural, folk horror roots.

Joining Taylor on the screenplay are Mike Mignola, the original creator of Hellboy, and frequent Mignola collaborator Christopher Golden. Mignola has been heavily involved in developing “The Crooked Man,” ensuring the film’s adherence to his vision for the character and the source material.

The producing team includes industry veterans Mike Richardson (founder of Dark Horse Entertainment), Jeff Greenstein, Jonathan Yunger, Les Weldon, Robert Van Norden, and Yariv Lerner. This experienced group has overseen the production through its principal photography in Bulgaria and the ongoing post-production process.

With Taylor’s horror-savvy directorial eye, Mignola’s creative oversight, and a talented ensemble cast, “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” seems poised to deliver a Hellboy adventure that genuinely captures the essence of the character’s comic book origins.

Where to Watch Hellboy: The Crooked Man?

There is no confirmed information on where “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” will be available to watch. Given the film’s theatrical release strategy, it’s expected to have a traditional cinematic rollout before potentially reaching streaming platforms.

The Hellboy films have historically found homes on various on-demand and subscription services. The 2004 Guillermo del Toro-directed Hellboy and its 2008 sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, are available to stream on HBO Max. The 2019 Hellboy reboot, on the other hand, can be found on Starz.

It’s likely that “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” will follow a similar distribution path, premiering in theaters before eventually landing on a central streaming platform. Fans will have to stay tuned for more details on the film’s exact release plans as we approach its 2024 debut.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man Trailer Release Date:

The first official teaser trailer for “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” was released on July 1, 2024, offering fans a glimpse of the film’s dark and unsettling tone. The trailer heavily emphasizes the horror elements, with eerie establishing shots of the Appalachian setting and ominous teases of the Crooked Man’s supernatural presence.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal much about the film’s plot, it effectively sets the stage for Hellboy’s latest adventure. Fans get to see Jack Kesy in action as the demon hero and brief glimpses of his new BPRD partner, Bobbie Jo Song, played by Adeline Rudolph.

Given the film’s expected release in late 2024, additional trailers and marketing materials will likely roll out in the coming months to further build anticipation. Horror fans and Hellboy devotees will undoubtedly be eager to see more of the Crooked Man’s chilling reign of terror and Hellboy’s efforts to end it.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man Final Words:

“Hellboy: The Crooked Man” represents an exciting new chapter for the demonic hero created by Mike Mignola. After the divisive response to the 2019 reboot, this latest adaptation seems to be taking the franchise back to its dark, supernatural roots – and the involvement of Mignola himself is a hugely promising sign.

With an experienced horror director at the helm, a talented young cast bringing new life to these beloved characters, and a story that delves into the more unsettling corners of the Hellboy mythos, “The Crooked Man” has the potential to revitalize the franchise in a big way. Fans have been craving a Hellboy movie that truly captures the spirit of the comics, and by all accounts, this new entry is poised to deliver just that.

As we eagerly await the film’s arrival in 2024, the anticipation continues to build. “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” represents an opportunity to remind audiences why Hellboy has endured as one of comics’ most compelling and iconic supernatural heroes. If the trailer is any indication, this could be the Hellboy movie that fans have been waiting for.

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