Heartland Season 17 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Heartland Season 17 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Hearld is one the most-watched television series in Canada right now. At this point, it’s Canada’s longest-running TV show. The 17th season of Heartland started on the 1st of October 2023. As of October 29, we have seen four shows from the new season.

The seventeenth season of Heartland’s fifth show will air upon CBC on Sunday afternoon, the 29th of October at 7 p.m. ET. The show is called “How to Say a Goodbye.” The 17th season has 10 shows, and the fifth installment will be the half-way point.

We told you anything we knew concerning Heartland season 17 when it premiered Sunday, October 29, 2023. We told you about how Heartland season 17 was made and showed you a clip from the next show. We’ll continue to add to this story while we learn more about the upcoming season of the television show.

Heartland Season 17 : release date

Heartland Season 17 started on October 1, 2023, on CBC or CBC Gem in Canada. The movie was also shown early at the Calgary Internacional Film Festival (CIFF) on September 28, 2023. From the first to the last show of the new season, all ten will air on Sundays. There was news posted to the Heartland the CBC Facebook page which the television program would be coming back for an additional 17th season.

Heartland Season 17 : Cast

We don’t think there will be any big changes to the cast in Heartland Season 17. The show’s stories will be told by a majority of our best stars.

  • This is Amy Fleming played by Amber Marshall.
  • Michelle Morgan played Louis Fleming, Mr. Morris
  • Ghislaine Hogan played Peter Morris.
  • This is Jack Bartlett played by Shaun Johnston.
  • Justin Steen plays Lisa Stillman.
  • Chris Potter played Tim Fleming.
  • For Georgie Newton, Alisha Newton is the actress, Jordan Burtchett is the actor, and Emanuella Spencer is the actress.
  • Michelle Nolden plays Jessica Cook.
  • Charles James plays Caleb Odell
  • Katie Fleming-Morris is played by Baye McPherson.
  • Park Yang is played by Ava Tran.

Logan is played by Drew Davies, and Sam Langston is played by Shawn Roberts. It looks like they’ll both be back to feed the new season. It looked like the two stars might have bigger parts in Season 16 because they were on screen a lot more.

Sheree Amlee (Mallory) as well as Jake Church (Jake) might stay, but we don’t know yet. Fans were shocked when they came back this season. We’ll miss Robert Cormier as Finn, but he won’t be back on the television series because he just died from injuries suffered in a fall. People close to the star were very sad about his death, and Season 16 of Heartland was a tribute to him.

Heartland Season 17 : Trailer Release


Since shooting to Heartland Season seventeen has commenced, there isn’t yet a movie for it. We’ll let you be aware as soon as we find out more about the next season’s movie. Remember to catch the exciting movie for season 16 until then to pass the time.

Heartland Season 17 : Storyline

In Season 17, Georgie is headed to Brussels, and Lyndy is very interested in the new horse in the camp. Fans know for sure that the next season of their favorite family story will never allow them down. In one possible plot point, Lyndy’s job as Amy’s junior horse trainer grows stronger over the span of the show.

More should be shown of Lyndy and Xavier, whose is also known as an “Theo” as well as is the new horse at camp. This past season, the youngest child in the family currently showed away how good she was when handling horses, which made her mother both scared and happy. Lyndy will also become more clear-cut as she starts grade school and attempts new things in her friends.

After Season 16, it was apparent that Amy is ready for a romance. She will soon find someone new to adore. These could be brand-new friends or well-known people like Sam, to whom Caleb had previously met people. Jack is thrilled that Tim as well as Jessica might be able to get an apartment and carry on with their marriage.

This new season was all about being ready for anything that might come up. You need to be ready for new things or go where no one else goes. The Bartlett-Fleming family are looking forward to Season 17 and ready to deal with new loves, problems, and adventures.

The Bartlett-Fleming family has owned this land for hundreds of years, and Amy, Lou (Michelle Morgan’s), Jack (Shaun Johnston), or Tim (Chris Potter) are never going to give up for what they believe to be true and stay rooted in it.

Lou or Peter’s friendship grew in “A Light Beyond the Dark,” the last episode in the 16th season. Jack also had to face the reality about his battle with Al Cotter. Amy changes how she thinks about her future when Georgie does.

There are so many things going on that it’s hard to determine what stories are going to be shared in Season 17. The popular drama about families will have a lot in touching scenes and stories in the new season, no matter what happens.

Lyndy helps Amy train herself horses so she can be a part of a plot change that makes her an increasingly significant character. She will get taller, become proficient on a bike, while having fun with her friends while seeing new things.

There will likely be a lot in links in Season 17. Jeff and Tim could potentially able to take their friendship to a new level. They could get married again, as well as Katie and Logan could start to like each other. It would be nice to know what Amy does next.

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