Heartbreak High Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know Far

The Netflix remake of the famous ’90s show features a fresh group of teens adjusting to life at Sydney’s Hartley High School. This Netflix series is not a reboot, despite the fact that it has a number of young actors. The more seasoned characters are still there to teach the youngsters a thing or two. Heartbreak High, written by Hannah Carroll Chapman, is an homage to the classic that will please both new and old fans.

When will the next episode of the Netflix show be available to watch? When will season 2 of Heartbreak High be available to watch online? We’ve thought this out and can provide satisfactory responses.

Heartbreak High Season 2 Renewal Status

Heartbreak High’s second season was revealed a month after the first one dropped on Netflix. The first season was in the top 10 TV shows on Netflix around the world for three consecutive weeks, with a total of over 42.6 million hours watched. TikTok users also gushed about the concert, with the hashtag #heartbreakhigh amassing more than 300 million views. Netflix’s decision to continue the show after these achievements was an easy one to make.

Heartbreak High Season 2 Release Date

The premiere date for Heartbreak High Season 2 is still unknown. In October of 2022, Netflix promised more episodes. That means we haven’t done anything yet because we’re waiting for production to end.

We anticipate a similar turnaround time, which for the first season of the show was roughly 10 months from filming to release. That delays Heartbreak High until the end of 2023, which is disappointing, but we’ll keep you posted if anything changes. Keep an eye out.

Heartbreak High Storyline

In the first season, former best friends Amerie and Harper graffiti a map onto a previously unseen school wall. Students at Hartley High were outraged when images of a wall depicting their sexual escapades went viral. The so-called “incest map” recounted the varied, intersecting sexual exploits of Hartley High students. Those whose names appeared on the “incest map” were quickly enrolled in a sex literacy tutorial (called “sluts” by the pupils) with the English teacher, Jojo (Chika Ikogwe), to placate the parents and the community.

Amerie takes responsibility for the incident but is then sucker-punched and shunned by her co-conspirator, Harper. When Amerie’s social status plummets at her high school, nonbinary Darren and his autistic best friend Quinni take her in as their foster sister. All three members of the new group are there for one another as they find love and make errors, and as they plot methods to rehabilitate Amerie’s reputation.

Heartbreak High Cast and characters

  • Ayesha Madon as Amerie Wadia, a brash, working-class Indian-Australian girl who becomes a pariah at Hartley High.
  • James Majoos as Darren Rivers, a queer and non-binary student who befriends Amerie.
  • Chloé Hayden as Quinn “Quinni” Gallagher-Jones, Darren’s lesbian best friend who is autistic.
  • Asher Yasbincek as Harper McLean, a punk girl who has had a falling out with Amerie
  • Thomas Weatherall as Malakai Mitchell, a bisexual Bundjalung basketball jock new to Hartley.
  • Will McDonald as Douglas “Ca$h” Piggott, an asexual eshay, drug dealer, and food delivery driver.
  • Joshua Heuston as Dustin “Dusty” Reid, a bisexual musician involved with Harper.
  • Gemma Chua-Tran as Sasha So, a Chinese-Australian lesbian.
  • Bryn Chapman-Parish as Spencer “Spider” White, the class clown.
  • Sherry-Lee Watson as Missy Beckett, an Indigenous student involved with Sasha.
  • Brodie Townsend as Anthony “Ant” Vaughn, an affable, big-hearted student.
  • Chika Ikogwe as Josephine “Jojo” Obah, English and SLT’s teacher at Hartley High.
  • Scott Major as Peter Rivers, Darren’s father, who reprises his role from the 1994 series.
  • Rachel House as Principal Stacy “Woodsy” Woods, the performatively woke school principal at Hartley High.
  • Isabella Gutierrez as Chaka Cardenes, who reprises her role as a Salvadoran-Australian from the 1994 series.
  • Ben Oxenbould as Justin McLean, Harper’s dad.
  • Justin Smith as Jim the Maintenance Man.
  • Sandy Sharma as Huma Wadia, Amerie’s mother.
  • Tom Wilson, Kye McMaster, and Ari McCarthy as Chook, Tilla, and Jayden, Ca$h’s friends.
  • Maggie Dence as Nan, Ca$h’s grandmother.
  • Stephen Hunter as Coach Arkell.
  • Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Kurt Peterson, who reprises his role from the 1994 series.
  • Natalie Tran as Rhea Brown, a local author

Heartbreak High Season 2 Plot

The second season will have a lot of ground to cover. For instance, Chook probably won’t let Harper and Amerie off the hook for setting fire to his car. They will surely encounter him seeking vengeance. Since Chook didn’t get the same punishment as the others, Amerie and Harper may try to find some way to get him jailed for the alleged sexual assault.

Even after his release from the hospital, I seriously doubt Harper will continue to live with his father. But she also can’t keep living with Amerie indefinitely. Where then, shall she make her home? The question of money. If so, how long does he anticipate being incarcerated? What impact will this have on his friendship with Darren? It’s intriguing to think that Malakai and Amerie may maintain affection for each other even after breaking up. In the first season, Malakai has his first experiences with sexual self-doubt. Perhaps this will be discussed further in Season 2.

When did Harper and Dusty break up? In Season 2, could Harper find a new love interest? If not Quinni, then who? In the first season, she and Sasha do not get together. Perhaps by the end of season two, they’ll have worked out their differences and gotten back together, or Quinni will have moved on. Our anticipation for Season 2 of Heartbreak High is at an all-time high.

Heartbreak High Season 2 Episodes

As of this writing, Netflix Australia has not announced the total number of episodes for season 2. However, we anticipate that the second season of Heartbreak High will also feature eight episodes. However, this is merely a guess on our part.

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