Guilty minds season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Guilty minds season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Indian movies, web series, serials, reality TV shows, along with a lot more can now be shown in a new way thanks to the OTT platform. Another thing it did was give an abundance of talented performers another opportunity to show off their skills. A new legal drama from Bollywood that’s gained a lot of press was just put out on an OTT service.

An Indian legal drama show called Guilty Minds was created by Shefali Bhushan. Kashaf Quaze, Vandana Kathpalia, or Deepak Rana are three friends from law school. This story shows how they deal with the complex Indian legal system.

Deepak is a lawyer who works for a well-known firm and helps wealthy and powerful people. Kashaf along with Vandana, on one hand, collaborate with a legal center that deals with humanitarian and class action cases.

They frequently end finding themselves on the other end of the legal case because of this. One legal drama on Prime Video from Amazon is called Guilty Minds. It’s in the Indian language known as Hindi.

The show is being run by Jayant Digambar Somalkar, and Shefali Bhushan writes it. Satish Kaushik, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Varun Mitra, Sugandha Garg, as well as Kulbhushan Kharbanda all play lead parts in this show.

Guilty minds season 2 : release date 

We don’t know yet if Guilty Minds will have a second season. That’s right, it will start all over again on Friday, the 19th of April 2024, almost that the same episode as the initial time. As of now, we know the story, the timetable, the number for episodes, and any news about the new part.

Guilty minds season 2 : Cast

  • Shriya Pilgaonkar plays Munawwar’s daughter Kashaf Quaze in the movie, and Varun Mitra acts Deepak. It was Sugandha Garg who played Rana Vandana.
  • Hello Kathpalia
  • Tejinder Bhalla is played by Satish Kaushik, whose is the granddaughter of L. N. Khanna. Shubhangi Khanna is played by Namrata Sheth.
  • H. N. Khanna, who was played through Kulbhushan Kharbanda
  • The father of Kashaf, Pranay Pachauri, plays Shubhrat Khanna. Diksha Juneja, who is Shubhangi’s cousin or L. N. Khanna’s grandson, plays Riya Singh, and
  • Sadhana Singh, who is Shubhrat’s girlfriend, plays Mumtaz.
  • Kitru Bhalla, Tejinder’s son, is played by his best friend and co-star Deepak Kalra. Sunanda Bose is played by Chitrangada Satarupa.
  • It was Virendra Saxena who played Vishwambar Chauhan.
  • Mala Kumari, who was played by Karishma Hi Tanna
  • It was Suchitra Krishnamurthy Hasan who played Neela Raghunandan, and Dinker Sharma played her.
  • Vasundhara Kaul is played by Akash Baghel as Abhijeet.
  • Shamsher Khanna, who was played through Arun Kalra
  • Get to know Prateek Malhotra, who plays Vora.
  • The lead part is played by Hans Dev Sharma.
  • Diveyendu Khurana, who was portrayed by Atul Kumar
  • Like Suhita Thatte to be Gov. Shekhar Kapoor played Shri Shukla Anwar.

Guilty minds season 2 : Trailer release

The season 1 trailer has been seen by over 22 million people. It got a lot of pageviews and good reviews because it was so well-liked. Season 2 is pretty much a must-see for everyone, so the people who made it are already planning the next episode. Soon, the trailer to season 2 is going to be ready.

Guilty minds season 2 : Storyline

Fans of Guilty Minds can watch the show online and play a game of lies, anger, and jealousy. You can win and lose. Both rich and poor people are raped, robbed, killed, and other crimes are shown on the show.

They are friends in law school, but Kashaf Quaze as well as Deepak Rana are very different in how they act, think, and what they want to achieve. On one hand, Deepak serves a big law office that helps famous people and hopes to be a star.

Kashaf, on the contrary hand, is interested in litigation that is good for the public. There are times when both are useful, whether the case is easy or hard. The light of kindness also brings out hate and anger, just like in any other case or courtroom. Shubhangi Khanna, his new junior and an heir to the law firm, got interested in him, making things worse as she was angry.

Because she likes him, her cousin Shubhrat Khanna wants him out of the company. It’s close and private between Kashaf and Deepak, yet they fight as well as compete in each other a lot. She waits for him as she likes him. Season 2 will likely have an identical plot as season 1 because each episode deals with a different case. There are going to be more cases that show a lot about the couple.

The story goes on as their private lives and court cases become linked. Another cast member is Shubhangi Khanna, played by Namrata Sheth, who is the claimant to the law firm in which Deepak works, as well as Subhrat Khanna, played by Pranay Pachauri, who doesn’t want anyone from “outside” his “family firm.” Kashaf also has a partner she can count on called Vandana (Sugandha Garg), that is always there for her.

A web series called Guilty Minds looks at the contest of lies and facts, anger as well as envy, and winning and losing. A lot of different crimes are shown on the show, from rape or theft to murder and kidnapping. These crimes occur to everyone, from poor people to rich people.

Kashaf Quaze or Deepak Rana are the main characters. They are both on this path and are friends from law school, but they are very different in many ways. Kashaf is an accomplished lawyer who works to safeguard the public interest.

Deepak, on the other hand, is an ambitious advocate who seeks to be famous as well as serves at an established law firm that helps famous people. They are both given an assortment of cases, some easy and some very hard.

Love’s light may additionally render people angry as well as envious in court or a case. Deepak’s fresh hire and an heir to his defense firm, Shubhangi Khanna, began to like him, and which made himself even more angry.

Shubhrat Khanna, her cousin, wants them to leave the business because she backs him. Kashaf and Deepak are close and private with each other, even though they fight and compete with each other a lot.

Because she loves him, Shubhangi can’t wait for him to come. Season 2 is likely to feature the same plot as Season 1 because each episode deals with a different case. It will include more cases that show how the couple’s relationship changes over time.

Where can I watch Guilty Minds Season 2?

Users of Amazon Prime Video can now watch the show on their service even if they haven’t seen season 1.

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