Growing Up Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Growing Up Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The second season of Growing Up is coming, right? Of the most anticipated Philippine television shows is Growing Up, which is directed by Lino S. Cayetano.

Marissa V. Kalaw is the show’s executive producer. The show is made by only one production company, Dreamscape Entertainment Television.

The show was directed by Lino S. Cayetano, and its writers were Sigfreid Sanchez as well as Raymond Diamzon.

Growing Up Season 1 started on ABC Family on Sept. 4, 2011, and ended on Feb 12, 2012. Growing Up fans are very happy that there will be a second game and are eager to know more concerning the show.

Are you a fan of Coming Of age and would like to know more about the show? If so, this article will help you a lot because we have put together all the information we know about the season 2 of Growing Up.

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Growing Up Season 2 Release Date

How I Grew Up in My First Years started on ABC. From Sept. 4, 2011, until February 12, 2012, Going to replace Good Vibes Critics were very positive about the first period of Growing Up, and viewers also enjoyed it.

After the first episode, the show moved up to second place, behind Asap Rock, which was in first place. It won another fight between hearts that was about young people.

Growing Up fans are now seeking an additional season. But the creators haven’t said much about the season 2 yet.

Since the second season hasn’t been confirmed yet, there are a lot less details available about the show and the next season.

Growing Up Season 2 Cast

Main cast

  • Kathryn Bernardo as Mikaella “Ella” Dimalanta
  • Julia Montes as Samantha “Tammy” Magtoto
  • Daniel Padilla as Peter Romnick “Patrick” Rivero
  • Neil Coleta as Christian Mico “Tikoy” Navarro
  • Kiray Celis as Brigette Honey “Britney” Gunay
  • EJ Jallorina as William Kingston “Winston” del Rosario
  • Diego Loyzaga as Ejay Edison “Jason” Rivero
  • Yen Santos as Cassandra “Cassie” Montenegro

Supporting cast

  • Maricar Reyes as Lisa Ortega
  • Ron Morales as James Reyes
  • Angel Jacob as Isabelle Dimalanta
  • Jeffrey Santos as Henry
  • Jenny Miller as Stella
  • Gerald Madrid as John
  • Tess Antonio as Mrs. Gunay
  • Roden Araneta as Mr. Gunay
  • Jong Cuenco as Mr. del Rosario
  • Piero Vergara as Richard
  • Tippy Dos Santos as Michelle
  • Jovit Baldivino as Brando

Special participation

  • Coco Martin as Asiong

Growing Up Season 2 Trailer

Growing Up Season 2 Plot

Ella (Kathryn Bernardo) as well as Tammy (Julia Montes) have been best friends since they were kids. They are part of a group of friends who treat one another like family. As a result, their favourite teacher, Lisa Ortega (Maricar Reyes), is like a mother figure to them. She guides them on their fragile path as teenagers.

When Ella and Tammy’s beloved teacher Ms. Ortega is given a cancer diagnosis, they rally their mates to raise money for her expensive medical care. They enter different contests at a big event in one‘s town, hoping to win the most money.

But doing so isn’t easy, because each of them finds out about their own strengths and weaknesses, which alter how they think, dream, as well as love and, in turn, make it harder for them to reach their goal.

In the end, they get what they worked for, but it turns out to be even better than they had hoped. Growing Up came out a looooong time back, almost 10 years ago.

Well, it should be noted that the producers and cast members have not talked about bringing the show back for another season.

But since people liked the first season so much, the creators might think about making another season or something like a reboot.

The story was all about Ella as well as Tammy, who have known each other since they were kids and think of each other as family. This even would include a teacher, Lisa Ortega, who helps them live their lives in the right way.

When Ortega gets cancer, tragedy strikes, and her closest companions try to raise money for helen expensive medical care.

They try to do this by entering different contests throughout their community. During these contests, they try to figure out their weaknesses as well as their strengths, that also eventually become a barrier in their way.

In the end, they get the reward, but it’s better than they had been expecting.

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