Ghost of Tsushima: this is how the game world of the PS4 blockbuster was born

In the latest study published on the pages of the PlayStation Blog, Joanna Wang of Sucker Punch illustrates the fundamental stages of the arduous development path undertaken to shape the world of Ghost of Tsushima.

Ideally following the latest statements on Kurosawa Mode by Ghost of Tsushima, the developer at the head of the team of designers who shaped the settings of the new PS4 exclusive he sketched the artistic contours of the work to explain that "Tsushima is a real place, a Japanese island located between the Japanese mainland and the Korean peninsula. We visited Tsushima several times during the project, it is a beautiful place with dense forests dominated by the mountains. The green seems to cover every square inch of the isolates and forms an uninterrupted line of trees that slide from the slopes of the mountains to dive into the ocean ".

According to Wang, however, "our version of Tsushima does not aim to recreate the island in 1: 1 scale but represents a love letter for all lovers of the Japanese atmosphere. We took the essential elements of the island and decided to mix them up with some elements inspired by the environments of mainland Japan to build this unique world. (…) Ghost of Tsushima is by far the biggest game we have ever made. The map is divided into three regions with over forty different biomes and hundreds of points of interest. Our intention was to build an open world that would follow the philosophy of 'if you can see it, then you can reach it' ".

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At the bottom of the news you will find the link to the PS Blog with the complete intervention of Wang and tweets with gifs that immortalize the scenario of the last title of Sucker Punch, but first we remind you that Ghost of Tsushima will be available from July 17th, only and exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4 PRO.


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