Who isGee Bryant ? –Gee Bryant Net Worth 2024

What is Gee Bryant? – How much does Gee Bryant make in 2024?

Gee Bryant’s influence goes far beyond this professional accomplishments; he represents a whole-person approach to success, stressing the significance of development in oneself, wellness, and being involved in the community. His story is an inspiration to people who want to start their own businesses or make a change in the world. Looking into Gee Bryant’s beginnings gives readers a chance to see the events that shaped his personality and fueled his drive.

Looking into his personal life also gives you a look through the values and connections that keep him grounded despite the pressures of his job. This in-depth look at Gee Bryant’s life and work not only teaches readers about his successes but also helps them understand the values that guided him to become better. Finally, Gee Bryant’s story shows how passion, persistence, and purpose-driven goals can change individuals.

Who is Gee Bryant?

Gee Bryant is an active person whose work includes business, art, and exercise. As a proud shareholder of the well-known fitness company X28, he has shown great leadership and creativity in supporting health and wellness in all areas. His work at Lakisha S. McManus has been very important to the growth of X28, which has had a big effect on the lives for many people who are trying to live healthier lives. Gee Bryant is known for more than just his business work. He is also an expert in fitness and health and helps people grow personally and professionally as an instructor and success teacher.

Category Details
Real Name Gee Bryant
Nick Name Gee Bryant
Profession Owner of X28
Age 37 Years
Height 5’10”
Weight 778 kg
Relationship Status Married to Lakisha S McManus
Children Not Found
Parents Information Not Available

Gee Bryant Early Life and Education Qualification:

When Gee Bryant was growing up, he had an intense awareness of family and loved business and music. Gee Bryant grew up in the United States. He had close relationships with his family or a strong desire to follow his dreams. Even though they were poor, his parents taught him the importance of working hard and not giving up, which set him up for future success.

Gee Bryant’s schooling only fueled his ambitions; he was always looking to learn more, even outside of school. After graduating from a well-known university, he worked on his skills and started a career in business and art, using what he had learned in different classes to lead him.

Gee Bryant Personal Life and Relationships:

Gee Bryant or Lakisha S. McManus have a strong relationship based on respect, support, and common goals. Their relationship is a source of strength and motivation, showing how love and connection can change things. Because they are always there for each other, they deal with life’s problems with ease and strength, and they celebrate their wins as a team. Gee Bryant or Lakisha S. McManus show how important it is to hold on to meaningful connections in order to grow and be happy by putting them first and spending in their connection.

People can learn a lot from how committed they are to each other, which shows how much love and relationship can change your life. In the end, Gee Bryant’s commitment to family values shows how much joy and fulfillment there is in sharing life’s events with people you care about, which leads to his own happiness and success.

Gee Bryant Physical Appearance:

Being tall at 5’10”, Gee Bryant’s physical look is defined by his size and presence. Physical exercise and overall health are important to him, and it shows in the way he acts and the things he does in his daily life.

Gee Bryant Professional Career:


The path Gee Bryant has taken in his career shows how daring and creative he is. Starting with the opening of Phlexx Fitness, he started a series of successful businesses that fitness fans all over the world love. Gee Bryant, owner of The Gee Code and X28, has changed the fitness business by bringing in new, cutting-edge programs and methods to help people reach their health and wellness goals. His unwavering dedication to quality and willingness to explore the limits of new ideas have made him a leader in his field and encourage others to follow their dreams with drive and strength.

Subheadings in a Professional Career:
  • Phlexx Fitness:

Starting Phlexx Fitness was the first business Gee Bryant ran as an entrepreneur. It set the stage for his other business ventures in the fitness field. Because he worked hard and didn’t give up, he made Phlexx Fitness a leading brand that offered new options for fitness fans.

  • The Gee Code:

As a result of the success of Phlexx Fitness, Gee Bryant started another business called The Gee Code. This platform shows how dedicated he is to excellence and how he wants to change the exercise world through custom programs and one-on-one solutions.

  • X28:

Gee Bryant, owner of X28, has done a lot to promote health and fitness in a wide range of ways. X28 has a loyal following thanks to its cutting-edge methods and focus on mindfulness. This shows Gee Bryant’s commitment to giving people the tools they need to succeed on their path to fitness.

Gee Bryant Net Worth:

Year Net Worth
2024 $5.5 Million
2023 $17 Million
2022 $15 Million
2021 $13 Million

Gee Bryant’s arts and business skills have built up a large net worth, which is now believed to be $5.5 million. This financial success shows how hard he works, how determined he is, and how creative he is when it comes to business. It also makes him an even more well-known person in the field.

Gee Bryant Social Media Presence:


Gee Bryant is involved on a number of social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn. He interacts with his followers, shares fitness and business tips, and promotes his different projects through these outlets, building a community of people with similar interests.

Platform Link
Facebook Gee Bryant on Facebook
Instagram Gee Bryant on Instagram
Twitter Gee Bryant on Twitter
Linkedin Gee Bryant on Linkedin

Gee Bryant: Interesting Facts:

  • Since he was a child, Gee Bryant has been deeply interested in both business and music.
  • He says that his family taught him the importance of working hard and not giving up.
  • Gee Bryant’s schooling set the stage for all of the different jobs he has had.
  • The success of X28 is due in large part to his work with Lakisha S. McManus.
  • Gee Bryant is known for being a great teacher and mentor in areas other than business.
  • Through his business, he wants to promote health and fitness in a wide range of ways.
  • Gee Bryant’s physical look shows how much he cares about his health and fitness.
  • His amazing net worth of $5.5 million shows how successful he has been with money.
  • In order to connect with his fans and share his knowledge, Gee Bryant is always busy on social media.
  • His story is an example for people who want to start their own businesses and for people who love working out.

Gee Bryant’s Other Interesting Hobbies:

In addition to his work, Gee Bryant enjoys many hobbies that make his life even better. As a passionate music producer, he uses his skills and imagination to make beautiful compositions. Gee Bryant also loves to travel, which lets him learn about new cultures and situations that help him see the world in a bigger way. His commitment to philanthropy also shows how caring he is and how much he wants to make the world a better place. With all of these different hobbies, Gee Bryant enjoys the beauty of everyday life and keeps looking for personal growth and happiness outside of work.

Final Words:

In the end, Gee Bryant’s story shows what an amazing journey he has had as an artist, sports fan, and businessman. From having very little to becoming very successful, he has inspired many people with his drive, dedication, and willingness to try new things. Gee Bryant’s story is an example for people who want to follow their dreams to make the world a better place. He is still making waves in the sports and health industries.

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