Fortnite 11.40: when will the first 2020 update be released?

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The last one Fortnite update (version 11.31) was published on December 18 with lots of content and challenges of the Christmas event Mid-Winter, since then Epic Games has not published other patches taking a Christmas break. But when will we see the first update of 2020?

Fortnite content is currently programmed to last until January 7th, this is the deadline to access the Christmas challenges. We can therefore assume that the 11.40 update (unofficial and non-definitive numbering) is on the way to arrival next week, on a day between 7 and 9 January.

The most probable hypothesis is that i Fortnite servers go offline on January 7th for scheduled maintenance and subsequent publication of the update, however it is not unlikely that the patch will actually see the light of day the following day or at the latest Thursday 9 January.

Mystery instead on the contents, Epic will certainly remove the snow and lightsabers from Star Wars while we do not know what will actually be introduced … we can expect a new collaboration to inaugurate 2020 in the best way?

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Did you know? In 2019 Fortnite grossed $ 1.8 billion according to analysts, however, the positive trend is not expected to continue in 2020 and the Battle Royale will suffer a setback regarding revenues and number of active players.

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