Florida Man: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far

Edgar Ramrez, who starred in the Netflix original family movie Yes Day, will be in the new limited drama series Florida Man. Deadline wrote about the show’s development and other casting news in August 2021. Netflix had already announced Florida Man, which was made by creator Donald Todd, and Aggregate Films, which was made by Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan. The show is part of Aggregate’s deal with the streamer to get a first look at new shows. Ozark, a Netflix original that has been a huge hit, was also made by Aggregate Films. With this team working on it, it’s sure to make another great Netflix show.

The episodes will be an hour long, and Ramrez will work with Yes Day’s director Miguel Arteta again. Arteta will direct the pilot and the second episode, and he will also be the show’s executive producer. Julian Farino, Haifaa Al Mansour, and Kevin Bray will also be in charge of the show.

What is the plot of Florida Man?

Florida Man appears to be influenced by well-known memes. However, no particular headline is the main source of the tv series. Rather, it represents a fictional story. Florida Man is about an ex-cop named Valentine who lost his job because of gambling. He might get a chance to show himself when he goes looking for a mobster’s runaway girlfriend.

Sadly, he ends up in Florida because of this assignment. He demonstrates that he has no love for Florida, despite the fact that it’s his home state. He wanted to close the case as soon as possible and go. But when he recognizes he is in Florida, he knows that it will take more work to leave his hometown. Instead, he is drawn into a globe of criminal activity and murky secrets.

Todd has yet to talk a lot about the idea of his new series. But, judging by the name, Florida Man memes had an effect. Also, Netflix has promised that the tv series will be about a lot more than just memes. While there are numerous examples of crazy headlines, Florida Man is a made-up story that was only inspired by memes that went viral. Given that strange news stories often come out of Florida, the story will give a full fictional account of what might be expected to happen there.

Florida Man Cast

  • Edgar Ramrez as Mike Valentine
  • Anthony LaPaglia as Sonny Valentine, Mike’s father
  • Abbey Lee as Delly West
  • Otmara Marrero as Patsy, Mike’s sister
  • Lex Scott Davis as Iris, Mike’s ex-wife, and a detective
  • Emory Cohen is Moss Yankov, Mike’s boss.
  • Isaiah Johnson plays Benny, a motel owner.


  • Clark Gregg as Deputy Sheriff Ketcher
  • Sibongile Mlambo as Clara, Benny’s wife
  • Paul Schneider as Officer Andy Boone
  • Lauren Buglioli as Kaitlin Fox, a news anchor
  • Michael Esper
  • Leonard Earl Howze, also known as Ray-Ray, is a former cop.
  • Isabel Gameros is Tyler, Patsy, and Deacon’s 14-year-old daughter.
  • Mark Jeffrey Miller, as Buzz, Sonny Valentine’s associate

Florida Man Release Date

The date of Florida Man’s official release is April 13, 2023. The makers have additionally verified that Netflix will broadcast the show. Seven episodes will be made. The series’ principal photography began on August 10, 2021. After several delays, the show was finally filmed in December 2021.


Florida Man Trailer

Netflix has dropped the trailer for the forthcoming crime drama Florida Man. The first episode of the show should be available on the streaming service on April 13, 2023.

In the official trailer for Florida Man, the main character, Dr. Death (Mike), played by Édgar Ramrez, is seen introducing himself to a group of gamblers and telling them how he got into a dangerous situation with a Philly mobster he owes money to.

Netflix also launched a sneak peek at its new series, Florida Man. The title refers to the joke that every day, a different headline in the news accuses “Florida man” of doing something crazy. So, every day, a man from Florida does something crazy and newsworthy. It looks like Florida Man will show everybody the chaos that the state is known for and turn this anonymous news icon into a superhero. Just the teaser trailer is full of homemade bombs, flamethrowers made of deodorant, and guns on fishing lines.


As Netflix releases the first trailer for Florida Man, the show is getting ready to take the world by storm. A short task turns into a long journey that discloses secrets about the family. The series is part of Aggregate’s first-look deal with the streamer. Also, with this team involved, it will definitely be another great feature for viewers.

In each of the hour-long chapters of the limited series, Ramrez and the director of Yes Day, Miguel Arteta, will work together again. The teaser implies that the show will have seven wild and action-packed episodes that are fun to watch.

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