Fire Force: nearly one million copies distributed in less than a month

While the second season of the animated Fire Force is still ongoing on the YouTube channel Yamato Animation, the manga created by Atsushi Okubo is breaking all records. According to a report that emerged on Twitter, Fire Force has surpassed twelve million copies distributed worldwide.

The result achieved by Fire Force is crazy and has equaled or equaled much better known works. But what is most surprising is the fact that a million copies of Okubo’s manga have been distributed in less than a month. In fact, according to a previous figure reported by @somokudasai on September 27, Fire Force had just passed the eleven million copies distributed. The new Fire Force sales report was posted on Twitter by user @Spytrue.

Fire Force tells the story of Shinra Kusakabe and a special body of firefighters engaged in the fight against the Burned, living beings that become infernal beings due to a sudden combustion. What is the true origin of these mysterious events? In Italy, the Fire Force manga is distributed by Panini Comics, under the Planet Manga label, and currently has 22 volumes already available. Pending the development of the events of Shinra, the theatrical show of Fire Force has been revealed in a new key visual.

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