Fellow Travelers Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Other Details

Fellow Travelers, created by Ron Nyswaner, premiered on October 29, 2023, with the creator serving as host for the pilot episode. Showtime gave the series the go-ahead in April 2022, and it has been in development since October 2021. The book of the same name is written by Thomas Mallon.

With an 8.35/10 rating and a fresh certification from 94% of 48 reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes, the program finally received good reviews. If you want to know when each episode will air, how to watch them, and what time they will be on, then you should read this post.

Fellow Travelers Season 2 Renewal Status

There has been no confirmation on when Fellow Travelers Season 2 will be available to stream just yet. Why, you inquire? A second season has not been greenlit as of yet by Paramount Plus with Showtime. The premiere of the first season has recently occurred on Paramount Plus and Showtime, so keep that in mind.

In all likelihood, those in charge are just waiting for something to happen. Before deciding to gift us with another season, they want to evaluate how the first one does in terms of viewing and ratings. Well, I guess we’ll just have to “wait and see.”

Fellow Travelers Season 2 Release Date

There is currently no set date for the premiere of Fellow Travelers Season 2. This is because Paramount Plus’s agreement with Showtime did not renew Fellow Travelers for a second season. Furthermore, considering that the first season has just recently begun running on Paramount Plus with Showtime, it is premature to anticipate a second season.


Fellow Travelers Plot

The plot revolves around Hawkins Fuller and Tim Laughlin in this “epic love story and political thriller,” as stated in the summary. The characters meet in the 1950s, participate in the Vietnam protests of the 1960s, experience the drug culture of the 1970s, and cope with the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, spanning four decades of the show’s timeline.

Hawkins meets Tim after a “financially rewarding” career in politics during which he abstains from partnerships. Meanwhile, Tim is “bursting at the seams with idealism and religious faith.” The pair started dating at the same time as U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy and prosecutor Roy Cohn “declare war on subversives and sexual deviants,” as stated in the summary. Can they overcome these obstacles?

Fellow Travelers Cast

  • Matt Bomer as Hawkins Fuller
  • Jonathan Bailey as Tim Laughlin
  • Jelani Alladin as Marcus Hooks
  • Linus Roache as Senator Wesley Smith
  • Noah J. Ricketts as Frankie Hines
  • Allison Williams as Lucy Smith
  • Will Brill as Roy Cohn
  • Chris Bauer as Senator Joseph R. McCarthy
  • Erin Neufer as Mary Johnson
  • Matt Visser as David Schine
  • Christine Horne as Jean Kerr
  • Keara Graves as Miss Addison
  • Jane Moffat as Helen
  • Chelsea Russell as Stormé
  • Andy Milne as Andre, Cozy Corner Pianist
  • Mike Taylor as Leonard Smith
  • David Tomlinson as Eddie Kofler

Fellow Travelers Season 2 Plot

Season 2 of Fellow Travelers will most likely center on the adventures of two complete opposites—the rich noble Hawkins Fuller and the religious zealot Tim Laughlin. As the years pass, we see Hawkins and Tim’s love story evolve through a tumultuous period marked by the Vietnam War and the AIDS pandemic.

These two protagonists have a particular connection, according to the creative director and executive producer of Fellow Traveler, since they see the world in such distinct ways. Even though they are both aware of the potential consequences of their love, they are nonetheless irresistibly attracted to each other, despite the odds being stacked against them and the fact that their personalities are so drastically different.

Throughout the four decades of war, drug-fueled disco, and the AIDS epidemic that rocked the globe, we will likely keep following Hawkins, Tim, Lucy, and Frankie.

Fellow Travelers Creators

Executive producers for Fellow Travelers include Nyswaner and Bomer, with Robbie Rogers (All American, My Policeman) and Dee Johnson also contributing. The pilot and its second episode are both produced and directed by Daniel Minahan (Halston, American Crime Story: Versace). Fremantle and Paramount+ are producing the show together.

Where to watch Fellow Travelers?

The first season of Fellow Traveler, consisting of eight episodes, premiered on SHOWTIME on October 27, 2023.

Paramount+ will be the first to have all-new episodes of the series available to watch since it is the only service that offers it to American audiences. The series, along with a wide variety of unique material not seen on other platforms, is now available to audiences worldwide on the Paramount+ channel via Amazon Prime Video.

Fellow Travelers: Is it based on a book?

Ron Nyswaner, famed for penning the Oscar-nominated script for Philadelphia (1993) and, more recently, the LGBT drama My Policeman, which starred Harry Styles, adapted Thomas Mallon’s historical book Fellow Travelers for television.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nyswaner—who has been working on the project for years—said that the show differs greatly from Mallon’s novel, which covers a much shorter period. There will be many intimate sex scenes in the series, and creator Nyswaner has very strict guidelines in place for them.

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