Fairy Tail: unveiled a splendid figure dedicated to Natsu Dragneel

Among the many animated and paper series that have managed to impose themselves strongly in the industry, there is also the epic of Fairy Tail, a franchise that has been able to divide the public between great fans and numerous detractors first thanks to the paper production and then through the animated adaptation.

Despite the various criticisms received, however, the series has managed to conquer millions and millions of users all over the world, a rich fan base that has never missed the opportunity to pay homage to the work with cosplay and fanart often made with great attention. The success has obviously also led several companies to create themed gadgets designed to capitalize on the brand, works often addressed to the most avid collectors.

Among the many, this time it was the guys from LSeven Studio who captured the public's attention, all thanks to a magnificent Fairy Tail themed figure dedicated to the well-known Natsu Dragneel. The product – sold at € 205 without counting the shipping costs and available in only 200 pieces – has in fact shown itself in some images that you can see at the bottom of the news and that showcase a work made with great attention, depicting Natsu ready to launch a devastating attack while high flames surround it from all sides. According to what the company said, the figure is in 1/6 scale and the pre-orders are already open, while for the actual exit we will have to wait until the fourth quarter of 2020.

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Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that recently Erza Scarlet has also seen the arrival of her own Fairy Tail themed figures.


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