Electronic Arts presents EA Desktop for PC, the new app that will replace Origin

After the rebranding of its EA Play and EA Play Pro subscription services, Electronic Arts presented the brand new application EA Desktop which will replace Origin, the current interface used on PC.

As stated in the official note of Electronic Arts, the new app has been completely designed from the ground up to provide the best gaming experience on PC, following community feedback. EA Desktop, this is the name of the new interface, it will replace Origin and promises better performance, with faster downloads, additional features and an improved overall fluency. Players who decide to download the beta version, available from the next few weeks, will be able to transfer all data from Origin, including game progress and friends list.

In short, after the rebranding of the EA Play and EA Play Pro services last month and after the debut on Steam, the transition of Electronic Arts seems to find a point of arrival with the new EA Desktop. You can register to participate in the beta of the new application directly at this link.

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