El Chapo Season 4 Release Date: Is It Happening?

The American criminal drama “El Chapo” was co-created by Netflix and Univision. The series premiered on Univision, but it wasn’t available on Netflix until much later. On April 23, 2017, the series made its debut. Who would have believed that the drama surrounding narcotics would be more engrossing than the drugs themselves? Then he must be ‘El Chapo’!

The series centers on the life of notorious drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. It’s worth noting that while El Chapo was introduced in the latest episode of “Narcos: Mexico,” that show did not get into how dangerous and powerful the cartel chief actually was, and so this series is not part of the “Narcos” universe. However, Wagner Moura’s portrayal of Pablo Escobar as the embodiment of magical realism has won over a large audience, and the show ‘El Chapo’ has become a hit as a result. The program has received praise from critics as well, who have praised the acting and the level of research that went into making the show’s representation of the Mexican drug trade genuine rather than a comedic good vs. bad view of the industry.

El Chapo Season 4 Renewal Status

The producers have already stated that the current season (the third) will be the last, therefore there is no hope for a fourth installment. In addition, season three concluded with El Chapo getting his due when Don Sol, who had doubts that El Chapo had hidden out with Marcelo, dispatched the military to track him down.

Silvana Aguirre told Forbes, “This season sees the culmination of the journey the characters of El Chapo and Don Sol started in season one.” To add to that, he said, “It has been a wonderful challenge to tell this significant narrative with all its complexity and nuances. The incredible brilliant crew behind these past three years’ worth of episodes deserves all the credit for the positive reception they’ve received from viewers all across the world. This means that the show is finished for good. The third season concludes neatly and effectively. It’s extremely unlikely that a new season will be produced in the near future.

El Chapo Season 4 Release Date

Unfortunately, Silvana Aguirre, the show’s creator, has stated that there will likely not be a fourth season of the show after the show ended in 2018.

El Chapo Cast

  • Marco de la O as Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán
  • Humberto Busto as Conrado Higuera Sol “Don Sol”
  • Alejandro Aguilar as Toño Antonio Mendoza Cruz
  • Rodrigo Abed as Amado Carrillo Fuentes
  • Luis Fernando Peña as Armando “Rayo” López
  • Juan Carlos Olivas as Héctor Luis Palma Salazar
  • Antonio de la Vega as Arturo Bernal Leyda
  • Rolf Petersen as Ramón Avendaño
  • Carlos Hernán Romo as Benjamín Avendaño
  • Héctor Holten as President Carlos Salinas de Gortari
  • Diego Vásquez as Ismael Zambrano
  • Paul Choza as Chente
  • Luis Rábago as General Roberto Blanco Macías
  • Dolores Heredia as Gabriela Saavedra
  • Ricardo Lorenzana as Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo
  • Mauricio Mejía as Pablo Escobar
  • Biassini Segura as “El Lobito” Avendaño
  • Valentina Acosta as Alejandra
  • Juliette Pardau as Graciela
  • Abril Schreiber as Guadalupe
  • Hugo Gómez as Attorney Federico Livas
  • Joseph Fusezzy as Charles Pilliod
  • David Ojalvo as DEA Administrator John C. Lawn
  • Ermis Cruz as Isidoro
  • Iván Aragón as Quino Guzmán
  • Wilmer Cadavid as Dámaso Jiménez Gálvez
  • Carlos Sanchez as Mayel
  • Camilo Amores as Arturo Guzmán Loera
  • Irán Castillo as Vanessa Espinoza
  • Marcela Mar as Berta
  • Juan Pablo de Santiago as Franco
  • Teté Espinoza as Chío

El Chapo Season 4 Plot

Before we dive into the potential plot summary of Season 4, let’s quickly review what happened in the previous seasons. The major plot revolves around Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s development as a drug addict.

Before rising to become head of the feared Sinaloa cartel, he started out in a relatively low post in the Felix Gallardo-founded Guadalajara cartel. However, El Chapo was born into extreme poverty, just like the vast majority of his fellow Mexicans. His father used to beat him when he was a kid because he wasted the family fortune on women and liquor.

Marijuana use was common in El Chapo’s childhood since it was the most lucrative drug trade in Mexico until the Guadalajara cartel switched to cocaine and joined the Medellin and Cali gangs in Colombia.

El Chapo’s reign as a major drug trafficker ended when he was apprehended and transferred to a jail in the United States. To set the record straight, the trial of the not-so-famous drug lord began lately and made the highlights, too. Even in a world where a buddy can try to kill you from behind like a rival, nobody ever dared to disrespect El Chapo because of his cruel behavior, which proved to be one of the reasons for his ascent from a low-level member to the leader.

El Chapo Season 4 Trailer

If you need a reminder, you may watch the season 3 trailer. You can watch all of the seasons of the show on Netflix if you haven’t watched it yet.

El Chapo Review

In terms of gore and fast-paced action, the show doesn’t come in short. Anyone who has seen the Netflix series ‘Narcos’ is likely familiar with the show’s graphic depictions of assault, explosions, innocent deaths, and psychotic states brought on by cocaine use. In the middle of this, Guzman is a folk hero who clashes with the cartel’s highest echelons but ultimately succeeds thanks to his ingenuity, cold ruthlessness, and a small group of devoted followers. The flawed structure of law and order in Mexico, which facilitates drug trafficking, is also depicted in the series.

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