EGX and PAX Online merge into a digital mega-event coming up in September

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From the pages of the individual editorial platforms participating in the respective initiatives, the organizers of the EGX and PAX Online announce that they have joined forces and have decided to start a nine-day digital mega-event to be held during the month of September.

Described as "the biggest event of the year", the new show merges the conferences hosted annually by EGX to the conferences that characterize the PAX between World Premiere, video gameplay of upcoming titles and many insights with interviews with developers and personalities in the sector.

The collaboration between the PAX Online and EGX Digital It will take place from 12 to 20 September, with an agenda of appointments that has yet to be fixed but which, according to the advances offered by the organizers of the two reunited events, will offer 24-hour programming via continuous streaming. It will therefore be a sort of "ideal continuation" of the Summer Game Fest, the dense schedule of events and digital shows that will be staged until the end of October.

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In consideration of the arrival on the market of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X by the end of 2020, the nine-day mega-event that awaits us in September promises to be an essential appointment for those who look forward to the release of the Sony and Microsoft nextgen consoles, and with them the games that will accompany their arrival on the market.

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