Dwyane Wade Is Iconic in Versace’s New Eyewear Campaign

Versace’s latest men’s eyewear campaign features retired NBA legend Dwayne Wade, coming out almost a year since becoming the face of the fashion house’s eyewear. This marks his second campaign with Versace, further establishing the Italian brand’s relationship with the former Miami Heat point guard and cementing him as an ambassador to showcase its eyewear’s striking visuals and detailed craftsmanship. The brand is also taking a more personal approach with the men’s eyewear campaign by debuting Versace Profiles, which offer a closer look into the model. His personal profile touches on precious items and their story; his physical profile is reflected in the photographs.

The combination of sports and high fashion isn’t new for eyewear. Sports performance eyewear brand Oakley collaborated with designer Samuel Ross to combine the functionality of athletic wear and the avant-garde touch of streetwear. Basketball icon LeBron James and football star Son Heungmin have starred in Louis Vuitton and Burberry campaigns, respectively. Athletes are also making waves on the runway and sporting high-end eyewear on the field. Dwayne Wade’s campaign with Versace eyewear isn’t the first fashion and sports collaboration, but it’s certainly an intriguing and well-fitting venture for the brand and the NBA legend.

A new take on Versace eyewear

Versace has long been known and revered for its constant pursuit of innovation, making fearless explorations into new materials, techniques, and designs that take on new territory while still staying true to its ultra-luxe and maximalist aesthetic. Dwayne Wade’s take on Versace sunglasses marries iconic heritage and modern elegance. It features a line of eccentric and sophisticated sunglasses and eyeglasses frames sporting bold patterns, cool color contrasts, and sharp shapes—all harking back to Versace’s commitment to luxury and uniqueness. Models like the VE3354 feature a sleek rectangular shape with a flat top coming in striking patterns like Havana Blue and crafted with recycled acetate and a double-layer construction. It’s not totally different from other iconic Versace frames like the VE3326U or the VE4430U, but the brand masterfully takes these recognizable shapes and combines them with new approaches to create modern and fresh looks for this men’s eyewear campaign.

A history of fashion

Dwayne Wade’s partnership with Versace isn’t surprising if you’re aware of his history as a fashion icon. He was coming up in an interesting era of NBA fashion; the organization imposed a dress code, shifting style from baggy and casual clothes to sharper and more conservative outfits. He was one of the many who responded to the strict guidelines by getting really into fashion, which is still reflected in his style today. Crisp suits in bold colors and sharp silhouettes are significant features in his wardrobe, aligning perfectly with his current eyewear campaign. Though he’s sported pieces from other designer brands, Versace is one he’s been loyal to, appearing front row in the brand’s fashion shows and rocking Versace designs at prestigious events. Dwayne Wade’s style and love for the fashion house make him the ideal Versace model.

Dwayne Wade’s latest campaign with Versace eyewear showcases the fashion house’s pursuit of modern style while sticking to its iconic aesthetic. The basketball legend is a captivating model, taking his penchant for dressing up into a fashion-forward statement. It certainly won’t be the last of luxury fashion and sports partnerships.

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