Dreamland Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Have you seen the short film “Morgana Robinson’s Summer” (2017), which was produced by Sky Arts? Originally shown on Sky for a limited period in April, “Dreamland” was based on this film. Fans of the hit British comedy series “Dreamland” are waiting with bated breath for word on the show’s renewal for a second season.
Fans are eager to discover what happens next on Dreamland, so I’ve made sure to include all the precise details about the show’s return in this piece. Details on the cast, narrative, characters, premiere date, reviews, and ratings may be found by reading this page in its entirety from beginning to finish. Jump right in.

Dreamland Season 2 Renewal Status

Given the show’s success, it’s safe to assume that Sky Atlantic will renew Dreamland for a second season. However, the network has not yet announced the decision. The only thing we can do for the time being is wait for the producers to officially declare the series’ future.

Dreamland Season 2 Release Date

The premiere date for Dreamland Season 2 has been much anticipated by fans. No official release date has been given by Sky Atlantic at this time. Nonetheless, a second season will be greenlit due to the show’s success and popularity. The network will soon provide us with further information about the release date.

Dreamland Story

Margate, a seaside town, is where Dreamland is headquartered. Spence, Trish’s boyfriend, is going to be a father for the first time. She has the love and encouragement of her mother and sister, Leila, when she is pregnant. Mel, their other sister, is now traveling around France. However, she has a sack full of secrets that she brought back to Margate unexpectedly, and they could cause chaos in the family.

Dreamland Season 2 Cast

  • Freema Agyeman as Trish
  • Lily Allen as Mel
  • Kiell Smith-Bynoe as Spence
  • Frances Barber as Cheryl/Mum
  • Sheila Reid as Nan
  • Gabby Best as Clare
  • Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Leila
  • Samantha Bond as Orla
  • Jamie Bisping as Sammy
  • Sam Fletcher as James
  • Nigel Planer as Hamish
  • Martina Laird as Diane
  • Eddison Burch as Jordan
  • Hugh Coles as Dom
  • Emily Barber as Eva
  • Joy Richardson as Elizabeth
  • Ed Macarther as Liam
Episode 6’s climax occurs when Mel gives in to the pressure of her secret, just as Trish and Spence begin a new chapter in their lives by relocating to their new house.
When Trish’s baby’s biological father’s identity is revealed, it causes Spence to be banished from their house and tears the family unit apart.
The sisters are devastated and feel alone following the discovery. As a result of her deeds, Mel is haunted by feelings of shame and misery, and she ends up alone. Another difficult dimension to the tale is Spence’s banishment from the family home, which exposes the fragility of trust and the depth of betrayal.
Clare, who had found the explosive secret earlier in the series, is now struggling with the choice she made to keep it from Trish. Spence and Mel both put Clare under the bus for her quiet and when the walls of deceit fall, she must confront the consequences.
Only Trish’s sister Leila can provide comfort to her in the middle of the devastation caused by the terrible news. After the truth ripped their lives apart, the sisters’ friendship was put to the test in ways it had never been tried before.

Dreamland Season 2 Plot

As of this writing, Dreamland season 2 has not been confirmed. The renewal of the series is still pending. On the other hand, viewers are hoping to witness more of Mel and Trish’s motherhood if season two does happen.
Intricate character development and captivating plots will keep us engrossed throughout the upcoming season as we go further into the lives of the characters. With Season 2’s exploration of Mel’s journey and the Margate community’s dynamics, viewers can expect an enthralling tale.

Dreamland Season 2 Trailer

The first season trailer for Dreamland is available on YouTube, in case you’re interested. We get a delightful preview of the series from it. The trailer is also unavailable at this time due to the lack of information on season two. Viewers may also anticipate seeing the teaser for season 2 once it has been revealed.


Season 2 of the Dreamland program might be renewed or canceled, which is like trying to figure out what stories will happen in the future. The choice is a reflection of the complex relationship between market forces and consumer preferences. Therefore, the premiere date of Dreamland season 2 has not been announced yet.

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