Dragon Ball Z: why could not Future Goku save the Earth?

Throughout the epic of Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama has repeatedly played with the concept of death within her masterpiece. The sensei has in fact used a series of pretexts to test his protagonist, even in the afterlife during training with King Kaioh. So what happened to Future Goku in the Trunks timeline?

Although with some stumbling blocks, Trunks of the Future is one of the most beloved characters of the entire work of the master Toriyama, a hero who has put his life on the line to defend the Earth and the honor of those who sacrificed themselves in an attempt to save it. during the invasion of the Androids. However, there is one detail that has passed particularly unnoticed.

In Dragon Ball Z it is clearly explained that, in the afterlife, keeping one’s body is a privilege reserved for very few individuals. To guarantee the allowed Goku to keep his own body they were at first the will of King Enma while the second time, however, was a privilege for his heroic sacrifice. But in the future, Goku did not die in any particularly epic way, but from heart disease. At his death he became only a soul, an event that did not allow him, as shown a little later, even a brief concession to go down to earth 24 hours to face the Androids. Unlike all the other warriors, who fought for the good of the Earth, the Saiyan could not even confront his enemies, a disease that probably forbade him a corporeal future in the afterlife.

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