Dragon Ball Z: Goku suffers Cooler in this exceptional fan art

Fans of the Dragon Ball Z world have grown up and those who can have started working on their own projects related to the franchise. For this there are a myriad of comic or animated parodies, but also many people who create exceptional cosplay on the characters or dedicate themselves to really particular and well-made fan art.

An example is the one created for Vegetto Super Saiyan 3, but in recent days there has been another one dedicated to world of Dragon Ball Z who kept the anime high. It is that of Ruto830, a well-known designer and who has already dedicated much of his time and skill to Goku and his companions. In particular we have seen him make POV drawings, that is from the point of view of some characters.

His latest drawing which went viral is based on the film Dragon Ball Z: The Fate of the Saiyans in which he made his appearance Cooler, Freeza's brother. After an equal fight, Cooler shows his fifth transformation and puts Goku heavily in trouble. At this juncture the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z was forced to suffer several blows including the reverse presented in the image which you can see below, through the Reddit post.

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Obviously, shortly after, Goku will strike with interest until the opponent is out of the way. Also by Ruto, do not miss the fan art on the death of Gohan of the Future at the hands of the two ruthless androids C-17 and C-18, always taken from a Dragon Ball Z special.


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