Dragon Ball FighterZ: the rage quitter now we risk the permanent ban

While we wait to know the precise launch date of Master Roshi as the new fighter of Dragon Ball FighterZ, with a message appeared in-game the guys of Arc System Works have communicated to all players that from now on the music changes.

After carefully monitoring the compartment of participants in online matches, the development team decided to take some serious measures against those who deliberately disconnect from multiplayer matches, ruining the experience for those who behave appropriately. These players will be punished with a one week suspension, during which time they will not have access to online lobbies. The punishment will be decidedly more severe for repeat offenders, i.e. for those who, despite the punishments, continue to disconnect from matches: the latter’s one-week suspension could be commuted to a permanent ban from the multiplayer component of the fighting game.

Meanwhile, support for Dragon Ball FighterZ continues, now in its third season of content. Master Roshi will be available starting next September as part of the FighterZ Pass 3, which at a price of 19.99 euros has already offered all buyers the additional fighters Goku Ultra Instinct and Kefla, for a total of five.

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