Dragon Ball: fan figure collection goes viral on TikTok

With over 30 years of history behind it, Dragon Ball has made entire generations fall in love. A passion that is being handed down from father to son, exactly as happened in this video that went viral on the social media of the moment TikTok.

The dedication of Dragon Ball fans it is something indissoluble, a bond, the one with Goku’s adventure, which has accompanied fans since adolescence. And just as the Saiyan has grown over the course of the various sagas to become the mighty God-defying warrior he is now in Dragon Ball Super, his admirers have also grown.

Despite his age, and a family on his shoulders, this Dragon Ball fan seems to have no intention of giving up his love for the Toriyama franchise, in fact, he is passing it on to his son as well. In this video recorded by his son, which went viral on TikTok, the adorable father carefully fixes his dragon ball statue collection, handling them with great care and showing them with pride. Among the many possessed, the fan seems to particularly like those depicting Goku as a child, protagonist of the first journey in search of the Dragon Balls.

Much to his wife’s desperation, the father shows off his latest purchase, “the whole Saiyan empire”. With over one million views, this irreverent clip shows us that the passion for Dragon Ball has no age or ethnicity. Toriyama’s work is appreciated all over the world and at any age.

And at what age did you start following Dragon Ball? Do you also own such a collection? A Dragon Ball fan recreated the Lego-style World Martial Arts Tournament. Not only appreciations though. A Valencian television station lashes out against Dragon Ball accusing the anime of sexism and violation of moral codes.

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