Dr Disrespect is a flood in the first interview after the Twitch ban

In an interview with the Washington Post, Guy "Dr Disrecpect" Beahm wanted to illustrate his point of view on the mysterious ban received by Twitch in late June.

In telling the editorial staff of Washington Post, the popular US streamer starts from the strong emotions felt at the announcement of his ban from Twitch and explains that "It was a total shock. Imagine you go to work but you can't get in because the doors leading to your office have been barred. You get there and you ask yourself 'What the hell is going on?', only to find that he was fired without knowing why and the reasons given by your employer. Because there was no answer to the ban … this was the worst thing ".

In his first official interview after the sudden closure of his channel on Twitch, which had about four million followers, the Doc also reports having previously concluded a exclusive two month contract with the streaming giant, only to be banned from the platform without any explanation from its operators.

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After finding out I was banned while watching a friend's stream, Dr Disrespect has sent an email to the curators of Twitch who, in turn, they replied merely specifying that "As in our process, we take appropriate measures when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of community rules or terms of service. These measures apply to all streamers, regardless of their stay status or their importance in the community ".


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