Does Macaulay Culkin, the star of Mom, I Miss the Plane deserve a second chance?

For the Hollywood of the 90s Macaulay Culkin she was a real goose that lays golden eggs: the little star of Mom, I Lost the Plane and Richie Rich was a very recognizable face, almost iconic, and her presence in a film was in fact an almost total guarantee of success .

We know, then, in what sad way things have evolved: one badly managed fame mainly due to the problems between the parents of the then very young actor, a fortune of tens of millions of dollars squandered by his father in a short time and a couple of films of little success (Pagemaster, Richie Rich) marked the decline of one of the most famous baby stars in the history of cinema.

Since then, Culkin’s private life has been said about everything and more, between those who gave him up for dead and those who, instead, pointed him out for the (royals) drug problems and justice: however, very little has been seen in the life of poor Macaulay. In recent years, we’ve seen the actor reprise his role as Kevin McCallister for some commercials, play himself as himself in Zoolander 2, and little else.

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Considering, however, the almost unchanged fame of the character Culkin (always very popular on social networks, as demonstrated by the many wishes received for his forty years) and the undeniable talent Shown at an early age, don’t you think it might be time for the ex-star of Mom, Lost the Plane to take revenge and seek a second chance in Hollywood?

Personal problems seem to be behind us and the name of call is always there: what do you think? Do you believe that some production should aim on the possible rebirth Macaulay Culkin actor or do you think it’s too late? Tell us yours in the comments!


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